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Old Manchester / Re: Springfield Hospital and Crumpsall General
« Last post by M.Brennan on 23:19:14, 19/03/18 »
My Father PJ Brennan worked at Springfield hospital as a nurse in the early 1970's. I wonder if anyone remembers him from back in the day?
Old Manchester / Re: St Josephs technical high Longsight
« Last post by Hopeful on 19:07:33, 19/03/18 »
Hi Christine
Yes I know Pat we meet up quite often. I have been in touch and I know she can't make it. Hope to see you Saturday
Old Manchester / Re: St Josephs technical high Longsight
« Last post by chrissyb on 18:51:48, 19/03/18 »
Hi Pat

You might  know my sister Patricia who was at the school but left the year I started as she is five years older than me.  Her name is Patricia nee Royle.  I have been to the reunions that Christine Hesssion organised at St. Margaret Mary's in Moston.  I will look out for you on Saturday, Patricia can't make it but I will be with Shelagh Kelly and Sharon Burke and Colette Madders.  Hope to see you there.
Old Manchester / Re: St Josephs technical high Longsight
« Last post by Hopeful on 18:38:03, 19/03/18 »
I was at St Joseph's 1958-1964. I have been to the  reunions At St Margaret Mary's in Moston organised by Christine Hession. I am still in contact with a few others from  my year. I am hoping to go to the mass on Saturday i'm not expecting to know anyone!!. I was Pat Gleaves.
Old Manchester / Re: St Josephs technical high Longsight
« Last post by chrissyb on 17:16:44, 19/03/18 »
I attended St Joseph's Technical High Longsight from 1963 - 1968.
My name was Christine Royle.  I remember Anne Thompson and many others in our first year form of St. Clare's.  I keep in touch with some girls & go to the Beatles Convention in Liverpool every August with friend from school - Shelagh Kelly.
Hope to see some faces at the reunion mass on the 24th March.
Christine Broome :)
Old Manchester / Re: Cheetham/Hill 1950s/60s?
« Last post by ijongor on 15:21:10, 19/03/18 »
I wonder if anyone can help me with some information. Is anyone aware of a tailor who worked at 36b Cheetham Hill Rd in the 1930s or 40s. Thank you very much.
Old Manchester / Re: Heaton Park Prefabs
« Last post by rlevy1950 on 13:40:35, 18/03/18 »
Hi, I've just read the recent post about Parkside school and planting trees at grand lodge. I thought sometimes I was the only one who remembers those days !!

I was at parkside from 1953 (nursery) until 1961 and have all my old school pictures. My name was Reberta Goodolph. I remember Miss Walton the headmistress who had a box of smarties in her drawer. Mr Hargreaves who tried to teach us french and Mrs Waterhouse the school secretary. I was in the same class as her daughter Joyce. My best friend Janice Cowan who lived on Blackley New Road. We had a rounders team that played all the local schools - Victoria Avenue, St Claires, Crab Lane and temple School.

We went to Tintwistle camp for a few days and slept in bunks - it seeemed like the other side of the world.

Now my grandchildren tell their friends that I planted the trees that they pass each day.

I'd love to hear anyone else's memories.

Great days
Manchester Chat / HAPPY SAINT PATRICK'S DAY 2018
« Last post by celeste on 10:41:13, 17/03/18 »

Wishing everyone a great day, Manchester will be rocking and rolling O0 :)
Manchester Chat / Manchester Piccadilly HS2 upgrade plan revealed
« Last post by celeste on 19:45:06, 16/03/18 »

Plans for an upgrade to Manchester Piccadilly to fit in HS2 and Northern Powerhouse Rail (NPR) include a "grand entrance" and underground platforms.
The proposals, which have yet to be costed, place NPR platforms and a tram stop under the high-speed lines, alongside the existing railway station.
They also include the creation of a shared concourse flanked by retail areas and a tree-lined boulevard.
HS2 is due to arrive by 2033, while a date for NPR is yet to be confirmed.

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