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Old Manchester / Re: Manchester Central Grammar School for Boys
« Last post by Alan J on Today at 11:13:46 »
Hello Michael Gee and good to hear from you!

I believe that you were one year ahead of me at school but we should have shared the Sixth Form common room on the ground floor from September 1961.

There are many interesting posts from people like Charles Lee and I hope to that all these will continue to send stories of their days particularly good times with their friends.  Anthony Marino has just received an e-mail from a student who started his career at the school in 1962 and we hope that he will join the site.

Anthony is not a well person and is trying to organise get-togethers in which we can meet and chat but we are also aware that so many ex-students have moved away from the area, some in other continents, but can be reunited via the miracle of technology and sites such as this.

He is trying to locate two of his friends who were in his time, '61 to '66.  One is John Wooler, from Wyenshawe, as were we and we think moved to Sheffield, and Michael Gee who was Captain of the Under-13 football team.  Does anyone have any information for Anthony?

As you write, you mention the Headmaster, a really nice man who was Officer-in-Charge of the school Cadet Force.  Also was Lieuteneant Wnterbottom who taught me French, a very likeable man.  Mr. Stewart taught me Latin in the 5th Year: a fierce man around the school but not in lesson.  I earned 55% at O-Level and my reward from him was 10 shillings!  He retired in 1961 to return to his tweed fam on the Isle of Harris: we bought him a leaving present but he was very reluctant to accept it.

One of my talents was to impersonate members of staff - including Mr. Stewart - and one day shouted down the stairwell for boys to "get to of school or take a beating".  It was raining outside and a lot of boys got rather wet.

I was lucky to attend Dr. de la Perrelle's leaving celebration dinner, I think it was in Belle View, and met many teachers again and Nigel Bird who was RSM of the Cadets when I joined in the 3rd Year. I was invited to go into school and taken to the staff room.  Little did I know that I was to be asked to do my impressions and how did they know about my 'talent'?

Keep posting, all of you!

Alan D. Jackson.  1056-1963       
Old Manchester / St Annes boys School Cyrus St Ancoats
« Last post by Tud on Today at 06:26:56 »
any old boys still about .from the war years and just after .  teachers I remember
headmaster Mr Clancy ,Mr Smith , Miss Rourke
Old Manchester / Re: Monsall hospitall newton heath
« Last post by Claude on Yesterday at 23:04:01 »
You're right, Parky.

I was in there as a toddler in the early 1950's with suspected diphtheria :(
My brother was in there for about six weeks in the fifties suffering from Scarlet Fever. Lived near St Eddie's church so Monsall Hospital still remains vividly in my memory.
Old Manchester / Re: UMIST invite for Rock Nights back in the 1980s
« Last post by ExileSteve on Yesterday at 21:55:29 »

The 80s, eh?


Before my time, sadly. HONEST!!!

 ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::)
Old Manchester / Re: Granelli's Ice Cream in Clayton and Bradford
« Last post by ExileSteve on Yesterday at 21:53:14 »

I didn't grow up in Clayton and I never met the family, but the ice cream was totally and absolutely delicious!

Alongside a Bar Six and lashings of Vimto at my Gran's house every Sunday afternoon, it is my primary food and drink memory of growing up. Yum!! :smitten:
Old Manchester / Re: Granelli's Ice Cream in Clayton and Bradford
« Last post by Tud on Yesterday at 09:48:29 »
Granelli,s also had a shop in Bradford , I cant remember the name of the street,
it was next to the butchers shop of Louis Edwards , who later owned Man U we used to walk passed there every week on our way for swimming , from
St Annes school Ancoats  to new islington baths
Old Manchester / UMIST invite for Rock Nights back in the 1980s
« Last post by Rockchick1965/ on Yesterday at 08:09:17 »
Hi Does any one have an image of the UMIST invites that were used to gain entry on a Saturday Rock Night back in the 1980s?
Old Manchester / Re: Monsall hospitall newton heath
« Last post by allan on Yesterday at 02:22:04 »
You're right, Parky.

I was in there as a toddler in the early 1950's with suspected diphtheria :(
Manchester Chat / MCHS for Boys 1944-9
« Last post by Johnnywalker on 20:19:44, 20/08/17 »
School Certificate in Year 5 but did anyone take the town Hall exam as we were advised because we had been revising anyway? Passed it and worked there until National Service. John Walker
Old Manchester / Re: Chorlton On Medlock Late 60s early 70s
« Last post by rob on 16:15:26, 20/08/17 »
Hi SJ, sorry late reply. Not sure where The Avenue was, used to deliver papers, what part of C-on M, sounds like a nice spot.I am not sure where St Stephens was either, so didn't know much about C-on-m,Ha. was that Shakespear st way.I think quiligotiss? was a tiling place also, my brother in law worked there in the 60's. I don't remember the printers Taylors, we had a printers in the next street to us , Taskers. Which school did you go to after primary, and what sort of work did you take up. I played a lot of football, until coming to oz and played outdoor here until 53, and continued indoor 5 a side until I was 64, still miss it. It is now gone 11pm, here in west oz and Tottenham v Chelsea just started, so will get back to the game, good to hear from c- on- m friends. Catch up later, Rob
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