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Manchester Chat / Re: Watch out a scum bag ABOUT!
« Last post by celeste on Yesterday at 20:53:28 »
 A pox on the dirty barsteward that did this to the poor man, if found name and shame, then lock the scumbag up.

I'll second that
Manchester Chat / Re: Watch out a scum bag ABOUT!
« Last post by St Chads Lad on Yesterday at 20:44:46 »
A 96 year-old D-Day veteran David Teacher MBE, who lost his legs in the Battle of the Bulge has had his mobile phone stolen while being treated at Royal Oldham hospital after being rushed there after falling out of bed at his home in Whitefield, suffering head and neck injuries, it's suspected that someone, not a staff member, "got friendly with him" and offered to charge it, the phone was reported missing the following morning.
.  A pox on the dirty barsteward that did this to the poor man, if found name and shame, then lock the scumbag up.
Old Manchester / Re: St Josephs technical high Longsight
« Last post by juliamnn on Yesterday at 19:31:46 »
're The Holy Name
Does anyone know anything about Eileen Keane I think she used to live in Mosside We were at St Joseph's from 1961-1966 I would love to contact her We were good friends I know she used to go to The Holy Name or sometimes to St Kent's
Best wishes Julie Wright(Parsey)
Old Manchester / Re: North Manchester Grammar School For Boys.
« Last post by PhilPlatts on 11:33:32, 20/02/20 »
I haven't checked this site for a long time because there have been very few posts over the years. But replying to Phil the Mill's post, I do not agree with everything in Blackley Boy's post, to which he is responding. I saw no evidence that Sibson was anti-semitic, for instance, if that is the implication.

However, if you never heard one person in 8 years there say that Sibson had done something of a sexual nature to them, then all I can say is you must have walked around with your ears and eyes closed. You ask Blackley Boy to 'put your own personal story down'. Well, a couple of points. In this world, there are plenty of people who have been abused who choose not to share the details. That is their right. It doesn't mean they cannot state that they have been sexually abused just because they are unwilling to go into detail in a public forum. Nor does it mean they cannot state, in good faith, what they had been told was happening to others. That is precisely why the likes of Savile and others got away with it. Yes, Sibson is dead, but would you rather no one had talked about what Savile was doing, because he too is dead?

Further, if you care to scroll back through the whole thread, there have been several who have been willing to 'put their story down'.

I was one of the (probably majority of) lucky ones. I was not abused by Sibson. But I did have several friends at NMGS who recounted what he did in detail, so maybe I'll 'put their story down' for them. What is the definition of sexual abuse? 'Somewhat sadistic' you appear to agree Sibson was, but that alone is not sexual abuse. But asking a boy to pull down his trousers after a beating to assess the damage, putting his hand on their backsides when doing it? Well that sounds like some kind of sexual abuse to me. But if your retort is that I am not in a position to say that because it didn't happen to me personally, well, I'd suggest you read the court transcript from the Stuart Hall trial. Hall was convicted because so many victims not connected with each other told similar stories.

We were in different times then. Boys who alleged they had had this kind of thing done to them by Sibson tended to laugh it off. As Blackley Boy said, they just kept out of his way afterwards. They were unlikely to be believed in the environment of an old fashioned Grammar School decades before the high profile cases were reported, and to my knowledge none of them reported their experience to anyone in a senior position. Sibson was the headmaster. To whom would they have gone? And no one else, yes, including me, was going to report on hearsay and throw away their school career if the actual victims were not prepared to come forward themselves.

So I would conclude that having heard similar stories from several fellow pupils in different years and different classes, that is less 'fake news' than to contend he was innocent just because no one told you. By all means reserve your judgment but please don't denigrate those who remember how they needed to conduct themselves with the man as Blackley Boy has done. Rather, read the testimony of others.
Old Manchester / Re: Memories of Blackley British Legion
« Last post by St Chads Lad on 20:21:09, 19/02/20 »
A report in the M.E.N. a few weeks ago said that there were plans to demolish it, and part of the community centre next door, in order to build council houses on the land. As stated it's a shame, my late father in law was a member at Belle Vue legion, had many a pint in there with him, and my dear wife of course.  :)
Old Manchester / Memories of Blackley British Legion
« Last post by claretwoman on 19:06:29, 19/02/20 »
Just been talking to my dad about the origins of this now sadly defunct club.  He reminisced about immediately post WWII they were looking for a building and found a Canadian timber building in Cheshire , unfortunately the price of £2000 was a bit much but after various fund raising events in the locality they got the money together, they were able to sell the spring floor and various catering equipment inside the building and recoup the money before resurrecting the building on Victoria Avenue.  Some time later they managed to interest a brewery in building a more permanent structure, this wasn’t easy on land known locally as the Sandhills, but after lots of pile driving, he thinks the brewery may have been from the Blackpool area, but can’t be sure, anyway they certainly got their money back over the years, sadly now no use of this building appears to be in view, interesting how life has moved on as others on this forum have commented, families are now far likely to go out together rather than mum and dad going to the club at weekends, but an interesting look at the past, and the enthusiasm of ex. Servicemen postwar to form a local branch of the “Legion”.  I doubt many of the original members are still alive now.
Old Manchester / Re: Old Schools!
« Last post by Ian Scott on 13:13:05, 18/02/20 »
I went to Newton Heath Technical College between 1960 and 1963 anybody out there went at the same time ?  Ian Scott
Just discovered this forum. I was at MCGB from 1964 to 1970. Everyone called me Jim or Jimmy because of my surname. I was in the L stream, made a mess of my O levels and stayed on into 6th form removed to retake them, but wasted most of my time playing snooker at Slade Lane or dossing in the 6th form common room. I witnessed the rapid decline in 1967 and the loss of many of the masters. It is sad to remember the effects of ideological experiments in education on the pupils concerned. Most of my memories of the school are unhappy ones but there were certain teachers who did try. I remember fondly Mr Knight, who taught me maths and judo, and Mr Pritchard , English, who I thought was a friend (as I was good at English) until he shopped me for forging an sick note from my mother. i travelled in from Hazel Grove by bus, and despite being on the bus at 8am I was invariably late and had to stand in the queue to be seen by De la Parelle. From my class I remember Andrew Sykes, Geoff Woodcock, Mike Bolas, Ian Clinton, Fossy Farnworth, Roy Pennington. We did get together some years ago via FriendsReunited.
I have found it interesting to read pupils different opinions of the same teachers. There was certainly a culture of bullying and intimidation. My impression was that the X and L streams got the best teachers. Looking back, it was a bit comical the way the school tried to copy the public school model, with academic gowns and “houses” for sports, which meant absolutely nothing at any other time during the year.
I realise I have just missed the get together. I hope plenty of people turned up
Best wishes to all survivors
Manchester Chat / Re: How can flooding be stopped?
« Last post by celeste on 23:28:26, 17/02/20 »
Dredging was asked for last year, I don't think much has been done since,  I jut hope the residents are insured  :-\
Sport & Activities / Re: VAR
« Last post by lozflan on 21:46:50, 17/02/20 »
VAR rules Chelsea goal offside. My comment,if he had smaller feet,it would have been onside.
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