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Manchester Chat / Canal barrier demo
« Last post by celeste on Today at 08:45:28 »

Almost 50 people travelled from the North East to Manchester to campaign for canalside barriers after the death of a 19-year-old student.
Charlie Pope's body was found in the canal just off Whitworth Street West on 3 March after he went missing during a night out.
His father Nick Pope said "there's no way of getting out" of the canal.
Family and friends travelled from Charlie's hometown of Ponteland in Northumberland to where he died.
Mr Pope said: "There's no throw lines, there's no rubber rings, there's no way of getting out.

 "If there is an incident people can at least try and save themselves, or be saved.
"If out of a tragedy like this something good can come and prevent unnecessary deaths, that would be a result."
Temporary barriers have been installed since Charlie's death.
Manchester Water Safety Partnership said it was looking into what further safety improvements might be needed.

Old Manchester / Re: Chorlton on medlock
« Last post by Carol Stewart on Yesterday at 09:19:16 »
Do your ember a Micheal Brennan and Kay Brennan of 39 grafton street
Cheers Carol
Old Manchester / Re: Grafton Street manchester
« Last post by Carol Stewart on Yesterday at 09:08:27 »
I read your article do you remember a Micheal Brennan who was born 1947 went to same school could of lived in grafton street or Westbourne grove mother was Kathleen father Micheal had a sister Kay born 1953
Cheers Carol
Manchester Genealogy / Re: Childrens Home
« Last post by Carol Stewart on Yesterday at 08:56:01 »
Hi what is your husbands name and does he know his mothers name
Cheers Carol
Manchester Genealogy / Kay Brennan grafton street 1953
« Last post by Carol Stewart on Yesterday at 08:24:45 »
I'm searching for my sister Kay Brennan who was born in pontypridd in June 1953 mother Kathleen father Micheal but birth certificate give address as 39 grafton street Manchester she would of had a brother Micheal who would of been around 7/8  if anyone remembers the family they also lived around Westbourne grove ardwick where I was born in 1957 but I was adopted there is also
Ann Brennan 1959 Kevin Brennan 1962 and Paul  a Brennan 1965
 If anyone remembers them
Kathleen had a friend Nancy Coyle who lived in Westbourne grove in 1957

Whats on in Manchester / Film club!!
« Last post by tashkia89 on 18:07:20, 26/05/18 »
Hey everyone

Anyone interested in starting a film club in Manchester city centre? I'd like to start a film club showing obscure, weird films such as Eraserhead, Gummo, Pi, Being John Malkovich, Pink Flamingos etc.

Let me know if you're interested in helping out in organising it with me. I have a few venues in mind Nexus cafe or Plant NOMA. They both have projectors and screens.


Manchester Chat / Re: STOLEN CARS
« Last post by celeste on 21:37:07, 24/05/18 »
The Peugeot with the purple roof would seem the easiest to spot, when are the cars due for their next M.O.T.  it might help to notify garages in the Manchester area - sorry if that doesn't help (I'm not a driver)
Manchester Chat / STOLEN CARS
« Last post by NualaMcMillan on 21:28:31, 24/05/18 »
Around half 12 at night on the 23/5/2018 two cars and a bag were stolen from my address (I live in Sale, Cheshire)

A white BMW, with black wing mirrors and a sun roof, registration :YF15NPP


A white Peugeot 108 with a soft top purple roof, registration: CE64WPR

I would highly appreciate people keeping an eye out for these cars, my parents have given up on trying to find them. The police have been notified however I don't think they have the time or money to try and find these cars. The last tracked location of the BMW was in Northenden.

Does anyone have photo's of the estate during or after it was built in the mid 1970s?

Any help with this request would be gratefully received, I'm drawing blanks from every angle just now, even the council.
Are they the multi-stories on Chorlton road in Hulme?
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