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Old Manchester / Re: Manchester Garages
« Last post by allcocksu on Today at 15:54:37 »
Manchester Garages were still operating at least up to 1985, but have now closed down and been redeveloped into Whitworth Park flats which now stand on their site.
I got my first permanent job post-Uni and needed to buy a car. I went in there hoping to buy a bargain but couldn't afford their prices. One of the salesmen ended up selling me his wife's car as a private sale (he hadn't told his wife about it either!)
Old Manchester / Re: 100 years of council housing
« Last post by allcocksu on Today at 15:43:58 »
Victoria Square was always known as the oldest Council housing in Manchester but not sure of the exact date. It could well be Victorian or at least Edwardian. Most Council housing was built to some extent post WW2.

Google will tell you it was completed in 1894!
The longer the delay means her sons' lives are at risk every day, a terrible situation for the whole family  :( >:(

The mother of two sons with severe epilepsy faces paying thousands or breaking the law to import cannabis-based medicine, despite having it prescribed by a British doctor.
Angela Norton's sons, aged 19 and 12, can suffer hundreds of seizures daily.

"Our children's lives are at risk and that's what we are being forced to do," said Ms Norton, 47, from Macclesfield.

A government spokesman said there was "a clear consensus on the need for more clinical evidence" about the medicines.
More than 1,700 prescriptions for medicinal cannabis products were issued by the NHS in the year following a [size=1rem]201change in the law allowing the drugs
These have primarily been used to treat those with multiple sclerosis or undergoing chemotherapy for cancer.
Manchester Chat / Sight & Sound College - Manchester
« Last post by Aquarius67 on 10:23:52, 19/09/19 »
Hi everyone, new to this forum.  Just been telling my daughter (now 21) about the time I attended Sight & Sound College Princess Street. 1984. Job interview on Princess Street tomorrow  ;D  i work in the City living in Tameside. 

I remember Mrs Jackson being one of our tutors (her husband was called Michael) & Head of the College, had blue hair.  Mrs Slocombe of the day! 

Shame its no longer around.  Happy days.

My mum started a part time job at Lewis's early 1990's. 

Many hospitals are now looking after patients in temporary beds traditionally reserved for emergency and winter use, the BBC has found.
So-called "escalation beds" are being used after many years of cuts in the number of regular "overnight beds".
Manchester Chat / Re: Manchester Airport charges
« Last post by lozflan on 09:36:38, 18/09/19 »
The airport,of which I  have always been very proud of,is I think a victim of it's success.
Looking through the eyes of older,maybe infirm,but not in need of help,passengers. Drop off and pick up used to be a doddle.
Now [unlessit's changed] arriving at Term 1 or 3,after a flight,tired,log a trolley and cases across a road  to a car,poorly lit ,its cold and raining, the ticket machine designed by Alan Turing.
Airside food,forget it. Passing security,so important ,no sympathy for oldies,belt off shoes off,hold pants up,some can't. Hope that cheers the staff up.
My post was to make a point,there is room for improvement and get top ratings to No 1.
The start of your journey,used to be exciteing an adventure,bring that feeling back.
Manchester Chat / Re: Manchester Airport charges
« Last post by celeste on 08:27:36, 18/09/19 »
Yes, good point, I've long doubted all such surveys ;)
Manchester Chat / Re: Manchester Airport charges
« Last post by Brad on 00:11:09, 18/09/19 »
Worth pointing out that Which announced Belfast International as the worst airport based on interviews with only 68 passengers. Also, can Doncaster/Sheffield named best airport with 1 million passengers a year be accurately compared to Manchester with 30 million passengers per year.
There seems to be one of these surveys/awards every week.
Manchester Airport was voted the best airport in the UK & Ireland at yesterdays Travel Trade Gazette Awards. Recently it was voted the 5th in Europe for passenger friendliness at the 1st Annual Edition of the European Consumer Airport Index.
I take them all with a pinch of salt!

Manchester Chat / Re: Manchester Airport charges
« Last post by lozflan on 17:57:17, 17/09/19 »
What is happening at the Airport that once was the showpiece of Manchester.?.
Named among the worst in the UK,by Which Travels survey,while Doncaster rated among the best.  Bosses, hang your heads in shame.
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