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Old Manchester / Re: Old stores
« Last post by St Chads Lad on Yesterday at 22:25:16 »
It wasn't Brentford Nylons was it ?
Old Manchester / Old stores
« Last post by Billy2 shoes on Yesterday at 22:11:10 »
Can anyone remember the name of the bedding store which I think was around the Piccadilly area.... that sold cheap bri-nylon sheets.... came up in a quiz night... driving me insane trying to remember it.
Sport & Activities / Sir Alex returns to Old Trafford
« Last post by celeste on Yesterday at 21:33:43 »
Manchester Chat / Re: Manchester Airport charges
« Last post by Parky on Yesterday at 19:31:39 »
The parking official was a tit, a person possibly on the minimum wage trying to stop someone who hadnít paid the park charge risking serious injury , just take his number and leave it to the management
Manchester Chat / Re: Manchester Airport charges
« Last post by celeste on Yesterday at 14:48:31 »

A teacher who drove at a Manchester Airport parking official in a row over drop-off costs has been spared jail by a judge who said the fee was "unjust".

Graham Benbow, 55, of Stockton Heath, was given a six-month suspended sentence after admitting dangerous driving at Manchester Crown Court.

Judge Bernard Lever described the drop-off fees as an "absolute disgrace".

Manchester Airport said the judge was "irresponsible" and the outcome showed "complete disregard" for its staff.

The court heard the parking attendant ended up on the car bonnet and was driven along a road for several hundred yards when he tried to stop Benbow leaving.

Benbow had refused to pay the fee - £3 for five minutes or £4 for 10 minutes - and said there were no clear signs indicating that he should.

He reversed his car to look at the signs but then drove towards one of the barriers when he noticed it was open.

The staff member placed himself against the barrier to stop him, but Benbow continued, the prosecution said.
Manchester Chat / Re: Manchester Airport charges
« Last post by lozflan on Yesterday at 14:38:31 »
Mr Graham Benbow a psychology teacher at Altringham Grammer School for Girls,has been found guilty of dangerous driving,sentenced to six months, which the judge suspended.
The crime,driving out of the Airport drop off without paying.   A worker tried to stop him and was carried hundreds of yards on the car bonnet
The judge said it was an absolute disgrace that you cannot take people to the Airport without paying an extraordinary amount
Mr Benbow said he did not know of the charge and didn't see a sign.
Manchester Chat / Re: Calling Andy Burnham
« Last post by lozflan on 10:44:56, 21/09/18 »
If you call the enclosed entrance to a bank and the porch of St Mary's porch Stockport the answer is yes. There was a guy outside [email protected] Ashton rubbing his hands to keep warm, yesterday. Winters here ,God help them.
Manchester Chat / Re: Calling Andy Burnham
« Last post by celeste on 09:06:18, 21/09/18 »
What's the status with the homeless now Andy, hope they were all indoors last night :)
Sport & Activities / Re: Manchester City's oldest mascots
« Last post by Parky on 12:03:27, 20/09/18 »
Meanwhile the mighty reds are marching through their group smashing Swiss champions young boys  :-\ , it was literally men against erm young boys  ??? , Ronaldo was that scared of meeting the worlds greatest defender Phil jones  :2funny:  that he got himself sent off so he canít play against the future champions of Europe , Iím going for a lie down now :coolsmiley:
Sport & Activities / Re: Manchester City's oldest mascots
« Last post by ExileSteve on 10:25:35, 20/09/18 »
Perhaps they should have been in the starting line-up last night?

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