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I wonder whether any of your readers can offer any help with an entertainment puzzle? I am an historical researcher, currently trying to help the former Sheila Worth (a xylophonist) to document her career in the 1950s and 1960s. She advises me that she performed at the Cabaret Club on Oxford Road, in late 1967/1968 on the same bill as Shirley Bassey, and the Peter Marsh Trio (one of whom was an organist).[/font]

I am currently working through relevent online editions of The Stage to try to pin down the exact date. So far, I cannot find any evidence that the performance took place between 5 October and 9 November 1967, or between 20 December 1967 and 4 January 1968. [/font]

Any memories that anyone might have of seeing those acts that night, information about likely performance dates or what became of the Peter Marsh Trio that they are happy for me to forward to Sheila would be much appreciated. [/font]
Manchester Genealogy / Re: St Joseph's Hostel, 21 New Hall Road
« Last post by migky on Today at 12:13:31 »
Possibly a mother & baby home?

Migky ;)
Manchester Chat / Re: Watch out a scum bag ABOUT!
« Last post by celeste on 20:37:22, 22/09/20 »
My sympathies, he is indeed a lowlife
Manchester Chat / Re: Watch out a scum bag ABOUT!
« Last post by St Chads Lad on 20:06:07, 22/09/20 »
I hope the dirty lowlife that stood there and did nothing while his vicious dog killed my Grandsons cat earlier meets a similar fate.  >:(
Manchester Genealogy / St. Luke's Church, Miles Platting
« Last post by puggy on 16:43:51, 22/09/20 »
I posted earlier today on the forum( Old Manchester) on the subject of St. Luke's, Miles Platting, to see if anyone remembers/knows when this church was demolished. But as the post also concerns a very long-form marriage certificate which features a picture of St. Luke's on it, I wondered if members with an interest in genealogy may have any information on this church and special/commemorative certificates.

I should add that the marriage was in 1914, and the certificate is about 20 inches wide.
Manchester Chat / Manchester arena inquiry
« Last post by Parky on 15:08:28, 22/09/20 »
I wonder if some the statements by the families of the victims are suppressed?, because I know what Iíd be saying and asking if it was me ( and thank god it isnít),
Old Manchester / St. Luke's Church, Miles Platting
« Last post by puggy on 12:09:12, 22/09/20 »
Does anyone know when this church was demolished?

Marriages records stop at 1967 and there is a photo of the church on the Manchester Images Collection taken 1967

which shows the church standing whilst all around the housing has been flattened.

Also, I have seen a family marriage certificate which has a picture of the church to the left hand side of the document.

It is a very wide certificate! Has anyone else seen such a certificate? The marriage took place in April 1914.

[size=78%] [/size]

To Steve, aka spike8888. I am in touch with Elaine Rhoades.
Old Manchester / Re: manchester liners
« Last post by lozflan on 11:01:35, 21/09/20 »
Hi Manusprat43
not many posters on this subject,but it seems many readers.
Possibly because the Liners moved South.
2 nice pics on page 1,maybe one day,more added.
Old Manchester / Re: Manchester Central Grammar School for Boys
« Last post by Jc01 on 22:54:30, 20/09/20 »
Hello Michael nice to hear from someone in my class for several years.  I did carry through to the 6th form, albeit with spectacular lack of success. I still recollect your dadís shop whenever I am passing along Blackley New Road- which is very rarely. I now live near Cambridge. John Collinge

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