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Sport & Activities / Re: Football
« Last post by celeste on Today at 09:46:39 »
Bit naff imo
Sport & Activities / Re: Football
« Last post by St Chads Lad on Today at 09:14:34 »
Prince William wants to rename the FA cup the Heads up cup.  ::)
I attended Manchester Grammar high school from 1966 to 1971 and was last year before it changed to Comprehensive status. Miss Manners resigned and Miss Wilde replaced her. Miss Eastwood was deputy and I can remember a number of teachers but not their names! Remember Miss Smith, French teacher- liked her. Bit of a Dragon but good humour. Mr James Biology used to throw chalk duster or chalk  at anyone who was talking. Mr Drain was our Religious Education teacher. And headed up the ornothology club at lunchtime with history teacher.  I had happy memories of the school and my time there.
My sister joined the school 3 years later and had Mrs Dixon as her science teacher. Walked with a stick.
One of the 5th formers ? Or lower sixth had a relationship with a teacher who used to play table tennis. We all used to go to watch him as he was dark and handsome ( as we thought at the time).
My needlework teacher was Dutch. Lynn T now P
Sport & Activities / Re: Man City ban
« Last post by Claude on 20:25:45, 15/02/20 »
Very Kafkaesque. Find them guilty but reliant on stolen information. The thief is presently residing in a Portuguese prison.
Manchester Chat / Re: Watch out a scum bag ABOUT!
« Last post by ExileSteve on 17:04:00, 15/02/20 »
I remain convinced that the root cause of almost all criminal acts in the United Kingdom (and beyond) lies in the weakness and ineffectiveness of the justice system. The bad guys know that nothing very terrible is going to happen to them if they get caught. If bar stewards like those in that report in The Sun we're given ten years each with no possibility of parole then we might finally start to get somewhere.
Manchester Chat / Re: Watch out a scum bag ABOUT!
« Last post by celeste on 16:51:08, 15/02/20 »
Very good points Steve, it is just so frustrating, maybe there should be matron or experienced supervisors present when tending to personal care.

I just noticed a case in point where a male nurse was manhandling a frail 91year old female, 'throwing her around' - all on camera!
Manchester Chat / Re: Watch out a scum bag ABOUT!
« Last post by ExileSteve on 16:32:16, 15/02/20 »
There is supposed to be a 'Duty of Care' for patients in hospitals, the families should get compensation when it fails.

Cameras in every hospital room are a must as 'the lunatics have taken over the asylum' - why don't the senior hospital staff know what their staff are doing?

Cameras everywhere would not be popular with the majority of patients in hospitals or residents in care homes because it would violate every shred of privacy and dignity they still manage to retain. Please keep in mind the very personal nature of many of the tasks nurses and care assistants must perform. It would also lead to a mass exodus of staff willing to carry out these tasks. Care work is backbreakingly hard graft in exchange for little reward. The care sector is already facing a serious crisis caused by a shortage of personnel, and this would be greatly worsened if every member of staff felt as if they were being tarred with the same brush. Many excellent nurses and care assistants would find an alternative way of making a living if the finger of suspicion was forever pointed in their direction. I am much in favour of hidden cameras being used when there is good reason to suspect that abuse is taking place. But to utilise them across the board will, like almost all simplistic solutions, cause more problems than it solves.
Manchester Chat / Re: Watch out a scum bag ABOUT!
« Last post by celeste on 16:16:06, 15/02/20 »
Another bloke who can't take rejection:

Just the type of man I despise, can't get his own way pretending to be decent and when he is rejected for not being her type, he gets abusive,  hope his parents have talked some sense into him.

It's impossible to fancy every person you meet, know or converse with, she dealt with it intelligently.

Sport & Activities / Re: Man City ban
« Last post by ExileSteve on 12:06:52, 15/02/20 »
None of this is a surprise, of course. They announced what sentence that were going to pass back in 2018, before their fraudulent ‘investigation’ had even been launched. Is football corrupt? Let’s just say the Premier League, FIFA and UEFA would all be very much at home in the present day Democratic Party.
Hi Daralyn,
I am Martin.
I was Sybil's partner before she died in Nov 2017 aged 82.
I am still looking after her computer.
Unfortunately I do not remember anything much about the Lapidus family although I did visit Manchester with her on several occasions.
I have heard Sybil mention the name.
She came out to Adelaide Australia in 1969 I think and still had strong memories of Manchester & surrounds & people.
If you go onto Ancestry or similar you might be able to track down the son as he would presumably have kept his surname.
Also Census records. And Good luck with your search.
Personally I did a DNA test and through that I have been able to find out several generations prior to my Mother.
Her father left home when she was 12 and so I had no idea about who my Great grand-parents were or where they lived or birth death info etc.
Someone with about a 1% match was able to show that we had the same GGG parents (I cannot remember off the top of my head) but also had a lot of history.
There were enough common people - I knew my great Aunts so that helped.
Obviously the subject was taboo about my grandfather on that side of the family.
So a happy outcome for me.
Best wishes and I would love to hear if you do succeed.
Regards, Martin
[email protected]
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