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« Last post by Wythyboy on 20:34:51, 16/02/19 »
Hi. Were you a boarder at Styal Residential Open Air School ?
I would like to hear from anyone who boarded thete. I was there between 1957-59 in Peter Pan House. It would be great to hear from anyone regarding their stay and experiences. Girl or Boy. Thanks Barry.
Sport & Activities / Beckham becomes co-manager of Salford City
« Last post by celeste on 18:58:08, 16/02/19 »
Beckham walked around the pitch at the Peninsula Stadium before kick-off  (photos)

Fans of non-league Salford City were joined by former England captain David Beckham when he turned up to watch their home game against Dover Athletic.

Saturday's match was the first time he had attended one of the club's games since becoming co-owner last month.

Beckham took a 10% stake, joining former Manchester United team-mates Nicky Butt, Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes and Gary and Phil Neville as co-owners.

Hi Guys

I was at the school from 63 to 69.

My mates were Robert Bushell, Phillip Markham, David Hinchcliffe, Paul Spenser.

I was in Fannys class during the 4/5th year.

Other teachers, Hughes(head), Glover (Scottish history), Kinsey (maths), Cowie(biology), Robert (French), Davis(RE).

Moved around a fair bit, Prestwich to Lytham St Annes, to Preston to Milton Keynes, now retired

hop this helps

Old Manchester / Re: Manchester piccadilly
« Last post by celeste on 13:22:46, 15/02/19 »
Dorothy, did you see the photo on Jan's post?
Manchester Chat / Need some help please.
« Last post by Dorothyl on 10:15:03, 15/02/19 »
Hello everyone.
I'm completely stuck I have idea where else to look. I've been on ancestry. But because I have no further information
I don't know if I have the correct person.

I am now looking for my great grandad john jones . Apparently  he was living with my great gran Frances Jones but wasn't married to each other. 

How ever I was told my great grandad  (my grandads father ) is john jones.
He was found in the bathroom on the floor. He passed away. I'm not sure if he passed away there or in hospital or on the way to hospital .

On my grandparents marriage certificate it has my grandads father's name john jones deceased. 

And as far as I make out from what my mum told me a few year's ago. My great gran Frances Jones was living in sale  at some time. Even though she was living in cholton on Medlock before my grandad Alfred evan Jones was born. 

It's all a bit confusing for me. As I don't know which round .it is. Possibly  my great gran Frances was living in cholton on Medlock Manchester 1st  then moved to sale  then went to hattersly Hyde.  So it's possible my grandad knew his father.

I'm not sure if my grandads  father passed away before or after him.
I do have a photo of my great gran Frances and my gran eveline on each they have my mum and my auntie. Which was taken 1949. My mum and my auntie are near my great gran Frances.
But it's not my great grandad who is taking the photo .

If anyone can help me with this I would really appreciate it.
As I really don't know where to go. Having not much to go on its difficult.
My great grandfather john jones was a van driver  just like my grandad.

I hope someone could help me.
Thank you again for your time and help

Manchester Chat / Re: Manchester 'worst traffic' outside London
« Last post by lozflan on 08:43:48, 14/02/19 »
IMO,if the Metro causes traffic jams,they do more harm than good,with poor air quality for the people living by the tracks,or walking by them.
Old Manchester / Re: Manchester Central Grammar School for Boys
« Last post by G holme on 20:20:16, 13/02/19 »
I have just found this site. Rea
lly takes me back to when I was at CGS. I was there from 1945 to 1952. my brothers, Ken Holme and Arthur Holme were there after me.
I wonder if there are any others around who were there around my time....or am I the only fossil?
George Holme
Manchester Chat / Re: Manchester 'worst traffic' outside London
« Last post by Parky on 13:08:16, 13/02/19 »
Loz I live in droylsden, and when the trams came  it was the worst thing to happen to the area ,apart from the traffic there is the antisocial behaviour after four o’clock , the tram stops are a meeting place for sometimes up to a hundred kids at night , also they are going to build three hundred and fifty houses on the old Robertson’s jam works so the traffic will definitely get worse
Manchester Chat / Re: Manchester 'worst traffic' outside London
« Last post by lozflan on 12:14:28, 13/02/19 »
Driving through Droylsden yesterday,I saw an ambulance unable to get through the traffic.The Metro trams are the cause of the jams. Single lane traffic [trams in the middle]unable to get through the choke points until it reaches the Snipe.
Never get a taxi from your house get one from your local  if you can or from a nearby friends house if they are staying in
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