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Detritus strikes again ::)
court hearing was june any news
These two should of appeared in court this week any news
Old Manchester / Re: Newton Heath Technical
« Last post by anglo1 on 04:48:17, 12/06/19 »
Hi I left in 66 so that was a few months before you started and I think it was joining with another local school and moving to Blackley or Moston. I only recognize Maitland the other teachers must have been new. The head was also different, a little guy who loved strapping us he belted me  a few times. Happy days.
Thanks will give it a try but not hopeful as now might go by married name and everyone changes so much that itís near impossible to identify the right one. Thanks anyway.
Manchester Genealogy / Re: Please can anyone help me?
« Last post by Dorothyl on 23:41:19, 11/06/19 »
Yes thats my dad.  Florence was his first wife. Her maiden name was wood's.
He married my mum patrica Jones in 1960. I was 3 year's old then.

Thank you
Manchester Genealogy / Re: Please can anyone help me?
« Last post by Jan H on 22:16:37, 11/06/19 »
The match company was Bryant and May.

Is this your dad in the 1939 register.
Vincent Cooper born 27th September 1910  general labourer.
wife Florence Cooper born 06 Oct 1917
16 Vera Street Manchester.
Manchester Genealogy / Please can anyone help me?
« Last post by Dorothyl on 20:54:14, 11/06/19 »
Hello everyone.
I'm not sure what part of the group to ask this .
And I'm not sure if anyone can help. But I thought I'd ask just on the off chance. 
What I'm trying to find out is about my dad.  I know most of his life what he told us.and what he didn't. I found somethings  out a few year's ago. When I began to trace his family tree because I'm doing my family background. 

What I'm trying to find out is who is father was and where I can get a copy of his confirmation certificate.
I know it's down as my father's parents are Samuel Benjamin cooper and isbella.  But there is grandparents who brought him up due to his mum having him out of wedlock. So I understand.
As my dad was growing up he thought his mum was his sister. But found out that she was actually his mum.

My granmother  ( my dad's mum ) had 5 children in total.  2 was father's unknown / she hadn't named the father on the birth certificate.  1 was my dad the other was her 3rd son. ( she had 3 boy's and 2 girls ) the 2 boys who's father's name was mentioned  was when she had them at home.  My dad was born 1910.his brother was 1913 and there brother was 1915. My dad and his younger brother was born when there mum was living at home.  Her 2nd son she had after she left.  But when for some reason she went back home  she had her 3rd son 2 years after her 2nd son. 

It's all very confusing.

My grans mother  was Irish. My grans father was English.

Here's what I have so far on my dad. Before he met my mum and married her.
My dad was born 27th September 1910  in Bradford Manchester  ( not leeds )

His mother's  name is mary ann cooper. She was born 1890./1891 
Her parents are Samuel Benjamin cooper. And isbella cooper  isabella was born isabella povey.

They had a few son's and daughters.  2 of the son's died in WW1 in Belgium and France. 
My dad is on the family census as there son age 6 months.   He is there grandson.

My dad was baptised 10th of October 1910 at St Vincent de Paul church.  Which I think is ancoats.

My dad was married before he married my mum.  But for some reason his marriage to his 1st wife wasn't great.  So I have half siblings. 4 are still living.  4 sisters. Out of 5 . My half brother and sister have passed away  afew year's ago. I'm not sure when.

I have a half sister that's the same age as me but born 8 months  apart.

My dad married my mum 28th of January 1960
He passed away 27th of November 1976  I had just turned 18.

My dad's name is vincent cooper

He also told us all that there was a factory strike  and it was a match makers factory.  We thought he was joking.
But afew year's ago I found out that my dad was working in a match stick factory and brough them out on strike. Because of the working conditions.  I've tried looking for this but the only one I could find was a women's strike. For match stick factory.  That was the may and ???? I can't remember the other name  it was like swan vesta.
I think it was  tyan and may. I think maybe my dad worked for swan vesta match makers. I'm not 100 %.  He did mention them in his conversation with us .

Anyway if there's anything anyone can help me with I really would appreciate it.
I have been trying. But I'm stuck now.I don't know where to go now. Unless I've missed something out?

Thank you again for your help and time

Old Manchester / Re: Help
« Last post by Dorothyl on 11:41:29, 11/06/19 »
Hi again.
Thank you again for helping me out.

 I was just wondering if anyone if at all possible.  Would be able to help me find out where my great gran Frances Jones was living  from 1939 -1967? 
 All I know is  at one time she was living with Mr Crossfield 59.Rusholme road cholton on Medlock. But apparently he passed away not sure when. And there's the place my mum told me about when I was around 2 years old. She took me to see her gran and it was easter time. And a bus ride. She did say her gran Frances Jones was living in sale.  So I should imagine the year would have been 1959.  From that year I have no idea where she moved to.
My mum began to help me with these as I was doing her family background. She told me so many things.  I couldn't keep up.  I never thought of taking paper and a pen with me to write it down.  But she wrote some members of her grans family down.  She did say she would write as much as she can remember and five her something to do to help me with.  But she didn't manage to do it she became poorly a few days before she passed away. 
Now all I have is memories of what she told me and trying to remember the ones she did tell me.

What's really upsetting for me is I can't go say mum what was it you I use to.
I can only relye on my memory's. At the moment my memory isn't as good as it was 2 years ago.  It feels like my mind as gone completely blank.  And I get confused with everything. So I have to ask for help.

And thanks to this group  it helps me.

There is something else I want to see if I can find out.
But I'm not sure how to start it. I will do that one in a separate topic  so not to confuse  other's.  I don't know what part of the group to put it on tho.

It's trying to find out about my dad.  I know a lot about him but I can't seem to find his birth father or my dad's confirmation details. Like a certificate.  My half sister has a copy  but won't  let me have a copy of it. She says it's put away and can't get to it.

I will give as much information as I can about my dad. And hopefully  someone might be able to help me.

Thank you all again. You are amazing.
Thank you again
Old Manchester / Re: Help
« Last post by Marj on 10:58:41, 11/06/19 »

Hi Dorothy.

Frances Jones b.1891 The daughter of  William Hopwood Jones & Ellen T0mlinson.
Is your great grandmother.


Old Manchester / Re: Help
« Last post by Dorothyl on 09:48:20, 11/06/19 »
Hello everyone.
Apparently the Frances Jones in 17 Osborne Terrace Sale isn't my great gran Frances Jones.

 This is what I know about my great gran Frances Jones

My great gran Frances Jones only had one son called Alfred Evan Jones.
She was born 12th of march 1891 in Warrington. Her son  ( my grandad )was born 27th September 1914. Withington.

My great gran Frances Jones never married . She lived in a few places  before she passed away in 1967 and from what I've been told by my aunt  my great gran Frances was living with a john jones.  He passed away before my great gran moved. Apparently he was found in the bathroom. 
The strange thing is. On my grandparents marriage certificate it says name of father's name for my grandad  it says john jones.  Which is odd because  there was a john jones in my great grans family but before she was born.  I think it was 1848 and  she never married  my grandads birth  father.

But I have found out something  which I'm confused about. 

I have a helper I sometimes ask for help with. But she's on holiday. She sent me 2 separate emails.  This one came 1st.

Frances Jones 1 = daughter of William Hopwood Jones and Ellen Tomlinson - born in Warrington in 1891

1891 - Frances, aged 3 months with William and Ellen in Warrington
1901 - Frances, aged 10 with William and Edith (second wife) born Warrington, living in Didsbury
1911 - Frances, aged 20 Laundress born Warrington, living in North Wales
1914 - Alfred Evan Jones born Manchester, Frances is a Laundress (from memory)

Alfred Evan Jones is in the same grave as William Hopwood Jones

Frances Jones 2 = daughter of William Jones and Frances Ingham - born Manchester 1897

1901 - Manchester
William Jones - 37 - born Staffordshire
Frances - 34 - born Manchester
William - 15
George - 9
Frances - 4 - born Manchester

1911 - Osborne Terrace
Frances Jones - 44 - born Manchester
Frances - 14 - born Manchester

Take your pick 🤔

This 2nd one she sent me yesterday. 

Looking again at a document I sent to you some time ago, related to where they lived:

1911 = Wales
1914 = Manchester (Alfred Evan Jones birth)
1933 - 1939 = (and possibly until 1941 when Mr Crossfield died) - 59 Rusholme Road, Chorlton (Alfred Evan Jones marriage and 1939 register)
1939 - 1967 = not known
1967 = 41 Fields Court, Hyde (death certificate)

1911 = Aberdeen (with David and Annie Shulman)
1933 = 59 Rusholme Road, Chorlton (marriage to Alfred Evan Jones)
1939 = 1 Council Houses, Newcastle under Lyme (1939Register)
1944 = 1 Norwood Street, Chorlton (Jean's birth certificate)
1946 = 58 Park Street (Alfred Evan Jones death certificate)
1946 = Manchester (marriage to James Owens)

So now I'm completely confused. Do I keep the 1st  one she sent me or not.

But I still would like to know where / have any photos of where my great gran Frances Jones was living.  It all helps me with my  family background or family tree.

My hubby says why does it matter now. I say it matters to me because it's part of what I'm trying to do.  He's not into this family background stuff. Because he doesn't know anything about his parents side of the family. Apparently he was told everyone was his auntie and uncle. Even neighbours.   I had that also as I was growing up.  It was classed as respect for the olders. That's what my dad said.

Anyway I hope that any of the group can help me with this? .
I honestly do appreciate your help and it would  be  great if I could fill in the gap's.

Thank you again for your help and time everyone


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