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Manchester Chat / Re: Jacksons Brick Works Levenshulme
« Last post by Parky on 15:03:52, 01/07/20 »
Hi Wayne , there was also a Jacksonís brick works in newton heath
Old Manchester / Re: Ice Cream merchants
« Last post by Wayne1 on 14:50:39, 01/07/20 »
I remember Roccaís Ices as he visited our Street which was Reynell Road in Longsight. Good times 😊
Manchester Chat / Jacksons Brick Works Levenshulme
« Last post by Wayne1 on 13:33:43, 01/07/20 »
Hello Folks. Iím new to the Forum but it looks like an interesting place to reminisce on old times. Just a query if anyone on here remembers the old Brick Works In Levenshulme in the 1960ís. Nearby was the Jacksons Clay Pit where they got the clay for the Bricks. Iím actually trying to locate any of there stamped bricks with the inscription J and AJ on them. A shot in the dark I know lol. Thanks....
I'd keep it secret.  ;)
You don't want to be found with them either!
I never find cool stuff like that.  8)   :D

Image caption
Police said the firearms were "wrapped for transit"
Police have shared an image of a bag of guns that was found by a passer-by on the same street as a primary school.
The holdall was found on Hurst Avenue, Sale at about 14:00 GMT on 20 February, Greater Manchester Police said.
It contained five pistols, a revolver, ammunition and two smoke grenades, all "wrapped for transit", the force said.

St Margeret Ward RC Primary stands at the southern end of the road, though police could not say precisely how far away the bag was discovered.

Appealing for information, Det Insp Lisa Bradley said officers needed to "know where they came from".
She said it was "not clear whether they were intended for use in Trafford or destined for another location".
"This is a substantial recovery and the loss of such will have undoubtedly caused repercussions amongst those criminally involved," she added.
Old Manchester / Re: Old Schools!
« Last post by daftharry on 22:42:21, 29/06/20 »
Just a note:Everyone is born right-handed only the gifted overcome it O0
So the Samaritans weren't of much help,  since they're confidential witu information and said they probably wouldn't have any information. They were very friendly though, and I appreciated their quick reply. I still have hope that something else will turn up. I've emailed a few churches in the area incase a funeral went unreported online, or incase he's begun attending church again
Manchester Chat / Re: Watch out a scum bag ABOUT!
« Last post by celeste on 18:11:59, 29/06/20 »

The suspect, a bit grainy but quite recognisable.

I've not heard of that brand,  bet a lot of people have
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