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Manchester Chat / Re: Calling Andy Burnham
« Last post by celeste on 18:22:29, 13/12/18 »
I have tried to find it, I'll pm you your posts and you can go through them -  :)

I remember posting some time ago about the number of buses which went to Wythenshawe Hospital and the cars, the road which approaches it is very narrow, what it will be like in another 10-15 years I wouldn't like to say.
Manchester Chat / Re: Calling Andy Burnham
« Last post by ronyrash on 17:16:24, 13/12/18 »
Hi Celest
            By now i dont know where to send it t.It was a post about traffic congestion at Wythenshaw hospital.oh,what to do,ty RR
Lovely gesture rip

Wonderful  for people to show such love and respect

Hundreds of people turned out to bid farewell to a 97-year-old war veteran after an appeal for mourners to attend his funeral.

RAF pilot Walter Bentley had to crash land during his first flight of World War Two but managed to save the lives of those on board.

Salford Veterans' Network had asked people to attend the ceremony as he had no living family.

24m ago

Manchester Chat / First time buyers??
« Last post by dommack95 on 16:13:42, 10/12/18 »

Hello all,

I am a journalism student at MMU and I am writing a series of articles on economic regeneration.

My first article will look at housing and the number of buy-to-lets in the city centre.

Has anyone trying to buy in the city had experience of this or any other problems you may have encountered while looking to buy a house or flat?

If you have and would be willing to take part in a short interview please comment on here.

Any help will be greatly appreciated - looking forward to hearing from you!

Many thanks,

Old Manchester / Re: Manchester Central Grammar School for Boys
« Last post by Alan J on 17:35:28, 09/12/18 »
Dear Frank,

I was delighted to receive your post announcing yourself on to the Site - all we need now is Dave Gooch and John Coxon and we have the full set.  You will have read that I had an excellent day-out with Keith Hawkins some weeks ago and you featured well in our conversations.

I should be very pleased if we could communicate via e-mail (it is more private) and I have also Tony C's address so I suggest you send an e-mail to Anthony Marino who has the MCGS e-mail address.
Incidentally, are you still living in the Manchester area?

Alan D. Jackson
Manchester Chat / Re: MISSING PERSONS
« Last post by Parky on 17:34:15, 08/12/18 »
Tragic ,rip
Manchester Chat / Re: MISSING PERSONS
« Last post by celeste on 14:39:35, 08/12/18 »
Hopes dashed R.I.P.

Manchester Chat / Re: Calling Andy Burnham
« Last post by celeste on 14:37:24, 08/12/18 »
You can send it again and I can remove it from this thread :)
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