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Computers & Tech / Re: Photos from email
« Last post by kipper on Yesterday at 07:24:24 »
when im posting a photo on to this forum first thing you have to do is limit the size of the photo to the limit the forum will except  and that is 80k plus its a bit hit and miss so I use a hosting compony its quick and easy   

this photo is of roses it has not been cut   in size or  quality in any way the forum would not except  the size of this photo because its more than 80k  I think the photo its self is about 300k so iv just used a hosting compony to post the photo

and this is what you get

Computers & Tech / Photos from email
« Last post by Kyliehep on Yesterday at 05:15:56 »
Could any one suggest me the best way to record the sound/vocals from an external audio player to PC? What kind of cables and software program do I need?
Manchester Chat / MERRY CHRISTMAS 2019
« Last post by celeste on 17:48:23, 06/12/19 »

                        from the Admin Team
Manchester Chat / Re: University of Newcastle stalker returns
« Last post by celeste on 19:31:27, 05/12/19 »
Well I would have signed it also,  stalkers are becoming a perpetual nuisance, in the news constantly, stalking pensioners and then robbing them, it seems to be escalating and it's not always men, women have been known to be stalkers - they should have some self-respect and leave people to get on with their own lives.

(This was an article in the M.E.N.)
Manchester Chat / University of Newcastle stalker returns
« Last post by celeste on 19:19:43, 05/12/19 »

More than 1,000 students have signed a petition demanding Newcastle University ban anyone convicted of stalking.
It comes after a man given a two-year restraining order was allowed to start a new course without the woman he stalked being informed.
Jefferson Young had already been allowed to stay and finish his degree.
His former girlfriend was not expecting him to come back and was scared, she said. The university said it could not comment on individual cases.
I attended Manchester Grammar high school from 1966 to 1971 and was last year before it changed to Comprehensive status. Miss Manners resigned and Miss Wilde replaced her. Miss Eastwood was deputy and I can remember a number of teachers but not their names! Remember Miss Smith, French teacher- liked her. Bit of a Dragon but good humour. Mr James Biology used to throw chalk duster or chalk  at anyone who was talking. Mr Drain was our Religious Education teacher. And headed up the ornothology club at lunchtime with history teacher.  I had happy memories of the school and my time there.
My sister joined the school 3 years later and had Mrs Dixon as her science teacher. Walked with a stick.
One of the 5th formers ? Or lower sixth had a relationship with a teacher who used to play table tennis. We all used to go to watch him as he was dark and handsome ( as we thought at the time).
My needlework teacher was Dutch. Lynn T now P

(The needlework teacher was Mrs or Miss Seed I had her too soz to butt in your message but havent figured how to respond on here) Elaine D)
I was at Central from 1966 1972 it was a grammar school for 1st year then went comprehensive I was in 1b with Miss Boardman - she taught my Mum when  she attended many years prior!
I have a question please I cant remember all the house names there was Nightingale, Austen, Scharlieb but the other 3 defeat my memory , can anyone help??
(just remembered Bronte & Elliott) last one has deffo gone!!!
I went to Manchester Central 1966 to 1971. Miss Manners was my head when I started, but I think Mrs Wilde took over. I don't remember her having a replacement hip though.I remember Miss Smith. She was my french teacher too. Lovely sense of humour, but a bit scarey until you got used to her. She used to make girls take their "war paint" off ( nail varnish and make-up). I also remember Miss Downs, the geography teacher. Tall woman who wore a lot of perfume. She used to go on holidays to Africa and show us her slides. These were the days when foreign holidays were just beginning...and mainly to Europe. Africa was out of this world.  Deirdre (nee Hall).
Manchester Chat / Re: Watch out a scum bag ABOUT!
« Last post by celeste on 10:01:40, 04/12/19 »
There is supposed to be a 'Duty of Care' for patients in hospitals, the families should get compensation when it fails.

Cameras in every hospital room are a must as 'the lunatics have taken over the asylum' - why don't the senior hospital staff know what their staff are doing?
Manchester Chat / Re: Watch out a scum bag ABOUT!
« Last post by celeste on 09:55:36, 04/12/19 »

TWO nurses who laughed as they threw stones at elderly dementia patients who begged them to stop are facing jail.
Abana Arshad, 23, and 24 year old Amy Greenhalgh hurled gravel at victims  - then filmed their distressed reactions on mobile phones.
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