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Old Manchester / Re: St Josephs technical high Longsight
« Last post by Maureen on 14:27:35, 21/01/21 »
Hello Jackie lovely to see your message. I attened 1965 to 1970 l was Maureen Callaghan back then :) I don't think too many people follow this thread now, but l occasionally pop on to see what's new. It was lovely to see all the comments on here. I opened a St Joseph's Technical High school for girls Facebook group and we have 450 past pupils on there now if you would like to join us. The link to the page is below:

Hope to see you in our St Joseph's group Jackie😃
Manchester Chat / Re: Flood hit homes in Manchester evacuated
« Last post by celeste on 10:12:12, 21/01/21 »

Today will see areas of rain, sleet and snow initially persisting in Scotland, easing into the afternoon. Elsewhere will be brighter with a few scattered showers, particularly in western areas.

Areas of residual rain, sleet and snow will clear from the UK tonight. Scotland will see scattered showers through the night, wintry at higher ground. Elsewhere will be drier with clear spells.
Old Manchester / Re: St Josephs technical high Longsight
« Last post by Jackie on 09:12:31, 21/01/21 »
Just found this site looking for school reunions. I attended 1963 to 1970. St Winifred St Hildas St Gabriel's St Vincent St Magdalen. I saw there is a reunion yearly at St Bernards in Burnage. I would love to attend should there be another. I am in toucj with 2 classmates one recently moved to Didsbury. I no longer live in the area and now my family are no longer here do not visit very often. I used to live coming back shopping in Manchester. Been reading forum and remember so many of teachers names and nuns too. I was Jackie Seem then. Came to school from St Anthony's in wythenshawe.
Moved after school to Jersey. Remember bumping into Shelagh Kelly there one night old classmate many moons ago.
 Love to hear from anyone
Manchester Chat / Flood hit homes in Manchester evacuated
« Last post by celeste on 07:27:05, 21/01/21 »

The River Mersey in Didsbury has been rising with every hour
More than 2,000 properties in two Manchester suburbs are being evacuated as heavy rainfall from Storm Christoph continues to batter parts of England.
Severe flood warnings, meaning there is a danger to life, have been issued for Didsbury and Northenden, where many homes lie close to the River Mersey.

The Environment Agency confirmed the properties were being evacuated in both areas.
Greater Manchester Police said officers would be in touch with those affected.
The force had already declared a major incident in preparation for the storm.
Assistant Chief Constable Nick Bailey said: "We have an evacuation plan in place to set up those who have been displaced in temporary accommodation.
"I think it's important to stress that if you are contacted and advised to evacuate then we would strongly urge you to do so."
Thank you. Some names have come up from Facebook. Some are suggesting he could actually be called Angelino. And someone has mentioned the surname Brandalani/Brandolani
Old Manchester / Re: Tudor Lodge 80s - trying to find someone
« Last post by celeste on 18:02:57, 20/01/21 »
Hi and welcome to the forum

The Manchester Evening News on a Saturday have a full  letters page devoted to people who want to contact others,  if you don't receive any information on here try them.
Old Manchester / Tudor Lodge 80s - trying to find someone
« Last post by lookingforAngelo on 17:34:20, 20/01/21 »
Hi all,

I am trying to find my biological father who used to frequent the Tudor Lodge in Blackley in the 1980s (in particular 1984). He is Italian and his name is Angelo (unsure of his surname, but it may be similar to 'Savigello'). He met my mother Alison there in 84 and his friend was courting my mum's friend Marie. I have joined a lot of Facebook groups, but have had very few leads so far. I have very little information on him unfortunately, but I know he will be aged in his 60s or probably 70s.
Old Manchester / Re: Ice Cream Family - Madges/Maggi
« Last post by FEQ on 16:43:52, 19/01/21 »
@JenniePennie bit of a longshot seen as it's 5 years later, but I've just come across your original post. Maggi are my family if you need some more info.
Manchester Chat / Re: Bez is buzzin'
« Last post by Parky on 10:51:41, 19/01/21 »
Manchester Chat / Bez is buzzin'
« Last post by celeste on 10:27:33, 19/01/21 »

 'get buzzin' in lockdown'

Why Bez wants people to 'get buzzin' in lockdown'

Joe Wicks inspired the nation to get moving during the first lockdown, but there's a new character on the fitness scene.
Bez, formerly of the Happy Mondays, is on a quest to get in shape and wants people to join his workouts on YouTube.
He spoke to BBC Breakfast.

3 days ago

BBC News
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