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Manchester Chat / Re: MISSING PERSONS
« Last post by St Chads Lad on 14:00:30, 08/12/18 »

Has anyone read an update on missing mother Marie Scott from Hale?

Very sad news regarding this poor lady, reports are that the limb that was found in the River Irwell turned out to belong to this poor woman, the police say no foul play or suspicious circumstances are suspected, devastating for her family, may she Rest In Peace.
Manchester Chat / Re: Calling Andy Burnham
« Last post by ronyrash on 11:10:35, 08/12/18 »
 sorry my previous post about hospital traffic should have gone somewhere else :)
Manchester Chat / Re: Calling Andy Burnham
« Last post by ronyrash on 11:05:02, 08/12/18 »
Apart from  Ambulances only Buses,Taxis.and bicycles are allowed on the new road feeding the very large Edinburgh Royal Infirmary.
Old Manchester / Re: Chorlton on medlock
« Last post by Carol Stewart on 09:39:47, 08/12/18 »
Hi  do you remember a Michael Brennan he would of been around 9 and Kay she would of been around 3 years old in 1956
Who was your family
Thanks for your help  carol
Old Manchester / Re: VICTORIA BATHS
« Last post by KEITH PARK on 08:00:18, 08/12/18 »
Hi Barrie. How often do we hear that same story these Days Its enough to make anyone sick.
Old Manchester / Re: Catholic school supplier on John Dalton Street
« Last post by Taff on 23:50:39, 07/12/18 »
Now thatís got me thinking
I canít remember the name but it will come to me
Thatís nice of you mr Yorkshire.
Lifeís been good ever since. I left school and got an apprenticeship at British Aerospace. Married with 2 teenage kids and all turned out for the best for me. I canít complain.
Paul Kirkham is my name , Taff was the nickname Iíve been trying to shake off since then lol
Whilst I can't remember you we were there at the same time.  I have to say that is a very brave and emotional post. Hope life is treating you well now.
Old Manchester / Re: VICTORIA BATHS
« Last post by Barrie on 19:58:44, 07/12/18 »
Take a look at their website, it seems the restoration is a much bigger job than at first thought, costing almost twice the original estimates and is still ongoing.
Manchester Chat / Re: Calling Andy Burnham
« Last post by St Chads Lad on 15:35:00, 07/12/18 »
Hey guy and gals, are you at a loose end this evening? well then get yourself down to Jimmy's bar tonight in the Northern quarter, non other than our esteemed Mayor is on the decks spinning some bangin' tunes, the setlist is published on the Citylife Spotify account , Hang the DJ has not been chosen unfortunately, so if you fancy a great night out go somewhere else.
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