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Old Manchester / Re: Cheetham/Hill 1950s/60s?
« Last post by St Chads Lad on 12:22:26, 14/10/20 »
Yeah I remember a lot of your recollection the factory near Chads was 'Raincheetah'  :)
Old Manchester / Re: Cheetham/Hill 1950s/60s?
« Last post by Rat_ Catcher on 12:09:03, 14/10/20 »
Like a few others i have found this Forum by accident - wow what memories it has brought back ! It has prompted me to register and put down some of my own . My mum and dad ( RIP ) moved a short distance from rented accommodation in Crumpsall to our own house in Cheetham Hill in 1963 / 1964 . I lived in CH from this time until moving away in 1986 and i am in my late 50s now.
School : I went to St Annes Primary , Crumpsall , and some of my friends were Paul Harding ( younger brother of Mike Harding of Rochdale Cowboy fame) and Chris Smith . Lost contact with them when at 11 i failed the 11 plus exam - they went to St Peters Grammer and i went to St Clares Secondary , Alworth Rd , Blackley. Some of the teachers i remember there are : Mr Dywer the Head later replaced by Mr Cusack  ; Mr Banks the music teacher who did his best to transfer his love of music to us ; Mr Debonaire the French Teacher ( ! ) ; Mrs Campbell and Miss Watson ; Gerry McConville the big Scots art teacher . We also had two nuns at the school Sister Philomena and Sister Magdalene - not sure if its the same Sister Philomena mentioned from St Chads , but both sisters had explosive tempers and Sister Philomena was adept at punching wrong doers at the top of the arm causing an instant " dead arm " . But you knew where you stood with both Sisters and bad conduct would not be tolerated and would be dealt with !! On the whole i had a happy time at St Clares but left at 16 without much academic success . Some years later i went back to college and then onto University which shows everyone develops at different rates and times .

Shops i remember :
Joe Makins Newsagents opposite the Esso Petrol Station - i had a paper round there and how i hated Sundays with the papers and magazine supplements !  Young Joe Makin looked a bit like George Best i remember . When they sold up , the shop was taken over by a Indian/ Pakistani family .
On the same side of the road was a posh ladies dress shop which was next door to the( equally posh ) sweet/chocolate shop run by Frank . On the opposite side of the road was the Snooker Hall which was a bit further up from the Ukranian ( ? ) grocery shop . On the same side of the road as Franks , but a bit further up past Waterloo Road
 was the Chemists run by Mr Taylor ( a real gent) and a small mens clothes shop run by a Jewish man called Benny . The barbers " Mackey Davis " was on the other side of the road . As a boy i was fascinated by watching him do hot towel shaves whilst i waited for my short back and sides !
In later years i had a Saturday job at Lennons supermarket which was next to Levy's Furniture shop - i remember my mum saving for years to eventually buy a 3 piece suite from there . I remember going with my mum to Martin Dawes  to pay the weekly rental on our TV as was common at that time . I also have fond memories of Cheetham Hill Library and would spend hours in there .
In later years the huge ( at the time )" Shopping Giant " supermarket opened up . But before this on CHR junc Crescent Rd was Scholes Grocery shop - Mike and Paul Hardings mum worked there part time i remember and they would cut cheese and slices of meat to your individual order . In the precinct before Woolworths were some shops including a quality TV / Hi Fi shop run by a Indian man who was also a real gent . Just before i moved away a bought a Sony portable TV from there .

Dr Royce was the family GP and his surgery was just up from St Chads and opposite the clothes factory with the illuminated Cheetah ( ? )on the front of the building . Family later registered with Dr Mohammed who surgery was at the top of Shirley Road - what a nice man he was ! My dentist was Mr Sareen and Mr Morris on Brideoak St - again good dentists and when Mr Morris re-located to Victoria Avenue, Blackley, i registered with him there   

Sorry , if the above is a bit too random  - but this whole thread has brought back memories of good times and good people
Old Manchester / Re: burgess street
« Last post by coppershelmet on 12:07:39, 14/10/20 »
I remember Miss Hornsby, she got a medal of the Queen for her long service and made us all parade past her at assembly whilst she showed it to everybody. Mr Goodwin had really poppy eyes that looked like they would leave his head when he got angry. Mr Learner was lethal with library books if you were talking in class he would walk past you as if he hadn't noticed you talking then from behind he would WAP you across the head with the biggest book he could find, you would then sit there for the next half hour seeing stars. Loved going into Gottellis for a milk shake then listen to Rose arguing with her Husband in the back room in Italian. Mr McClean was a sadist who would wield his leather strap with great vigour and satisfaction has he watched huge welts appear on your fingers and tears appear in your eyes. Happy Days. :smitten:
Sport & Activities / Dance in Manchester
« Last post by 19Gerrard98 on 09:19:45, 14/10/20 »
I'm looking for any beginner friendly dance classes or sessions in Manchester for after lockdown ends. Does anyone know any? Thanks
Sport & Activities / Re: Premier League radicsl reform
« Last post by celeste on 21:20:36, 12/10/20 »
More details:

What is the 'Project Big Picture' proposals?
The Premier League cut from 20 to 18 clubs, with the Championship, League One and League Two each retaining 24 teams.
The bottom two teams in the Premier League relegated automatically with the 16th-placed team joining the Championship play-offs.
The League Cup and Community Shield abolished.
Parachute payments scrapped.
A 250m rescue fund made immediately available to the EFL & 25% of all future TV deals
100m paid to the FA to make up for lost revenue.
Nine clubs given 'special voting rights' on certain issues, based on their extended runs in the Premier League.
Who is backing it?
Liverpool and Manchester United have created the plan. No other clubs are yet on the record as supporting it.
"This is two of our great clubs showing leadership and exercising responsibility," said Parry. "The message from Liverpool and Manchester United is that they do genuinely care about the pyramid.
"The Premier League could have come up with a plan like this at any time. How long has it taken to get a rescue package? Months.
Sport & Activities / Re: Premier League radicsl reform
« Last post by Parky on 20:28:22, 12/10/20 »
Pure greed , thank goodness I now watch non league
Sport & Activities / Premier League radicsl reform
« Last post by celeste on 19:45:34, 12/10/20 »
Radical reform plan backed by Rick Parry

Premier League: Radical reform plans in the best interest of...
English Football League chairman Rick Parry has praised Liverpool and Manchester United for coming up with a plan he believes can protect the English football pyramid.
In return, the EFL would get 25% of all future TV deals, which would be negotiated jointly, plus the 250m bail-out Parry has being demanding since May.
More items...11 hours ago
One rule for London one for the rest of the country

NHS Nightingale hospitals in Manchester, Sunderland and Harrogate are being asked to get ready to take patients.
Government advisers say admissions are rising, with more elderly people needing urgent treatment for Covid.
More people are now in hospital with Covid than before restrictions were announced in March.
It comes as a new three-tier system of lockdown rules for England is due to be announced.
Boris Johnson will set out the changes in the Commons on Monday afternoon, before speaking at a Downing Street press conference later.

How many cases are there in your area?
Three-tier lockdown system to be unveiled in England
What are the Covid restrictions where I live?
The Liverpool City Region is expected to face the tightest restrictions under a new three-tier system which will classify regions as being on "medium", "high" or "very high" alert.
Liverpool recorded 600 cases per 100,000 people in the week ending 6 October. The average for England was 74.
You can easily get on a scam list without knowing,twice for me,buying a lottery ticket that featured in a flight magazine and again taking on a pre-used landline phone No.
In these Covid times there is surge of fake mobile calls and yesterday a message on PC  for HMRC tax rebate.      I should be so lucky,to pay any,ha.
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