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Old Manchester / Re: claremont road school moss side
« Last post by Vanessa on 23:19:20, 14/04/19 »
My Mum is Mrs Herz she was a teacher at Claremont Road infant school and is now 89 years old
Old Manchester / Re: Notre Dame High School, Cheetham
« Last post by Sean on 21:02:51, 12/04/19 »
Thank you.
Old Manchester / Re: Notre Dame High School, Cheetham
« Last post by RMF Broadmoss on 20:19:02, 12/04/19 »
Hello Sean. Sorry, your wife ‘s name doesn’t ring a bell with me, but as I would have been in form five when she joined the school, that’s not surprising, and sadly I have no photos. RMF.
Old Manchester / Re: Manchester club's 1950's and 60's
« Last post by agave on 15:45:20, 12/04/19 »

[/quoteHello all, I remember; The Twisted Wheel, the Oasis the Jungfrau, and Blinkers. There was the Free Trade Hall, is that still around?[/font]   I have not lived in the Manchester area for fifty years.
Saw the Rolling Stones, Sony Terry and Brownie McGhee. Booed the Who off the stage at the Palais in Ashton-U-Lyne, they were diabolical. I can only assume bad acid. The Undertakers at Oldham Palais,
 Two of us got thrown out of S. Dempsey club; George Best was in that night, with the ladies.[/font]]
One word"could" they have been saying that in my neck of the woods since 1936.
Two or more routes chosen,all those propertys blighted,bought by the Highways agency then sold off cheaply.
Old Manchester / Re: Notre Dame High School, Cheetham
« Last post by Sean on 08:10:11, 12/04/19 »
My wife went to Notre Dame at this time. Veronica Mary Gibson. I think she started in 1963 and left in 1971 to go to the Notre Dame teacher training college in Liverpool. She also remembers going to sing at the Eisteddfods. Do you remember her or especially do you have any photographs from that time.
Best wishes
Sean Murphy
Old Manchester / Re: Notre Dame High School, Cheetham
« Last post by RMF Broadmoss on 23:40:44, 11/04/19 »
Hi all- this is my first post, I was Ruth Bassham (now Forbes), and was at Notre Dame at Bignor Street, from 1959 to 1966. Re Sister Marie Therese, I was in the fifth or sixth form when she started and I always found her very approachable and a breath of fresh air, especially after the previous head, Sister Mary. When I entered the school, my sister (Frances Bassham, now Davies) was in U6 and deputy head girl. Sister Mary said to me scathingly several times ..”You’re not
very like your sister, ..are you..?” When the new science, hall and gym block was built(1964??), SMT turned the old gym into a common room for the sixth form, and on at least one occasion allowed us to host a Friday evening “disco” evening for the sixth form boys of Xaverian.
I remember Betty Rossall, knowing I was terrified of heights and determined to cure me , forcing me to walk backwards along the beam in the gym. Didn’t work!
I was in the choir for the first two years that Mrs Kirk went to Llangollen - loved that woman! I have only fairly recently got back in touch with my best friend at
N.D., Paula Holland, which is an absolute joy, and also with Veronica Whittam.
Sadly have just learned that our English teacher, Pat Sheerin, died in December.She was a great teacher. Sorry to rattle on, and if anyone was at N.D at the same time of me I’d be delighted to hear from them. Best wishes to everyone.

No Salford Celeste, it’s been a complete shambles the construction company went bust,
Regent Road in Altrincham, what happened?

The government will pay more than two-thirds of the cost of a £212m bypass aimed at easing congestion in Cheshire.

The Western Link, which includes a crossing over Manchester Ship Canal and the River Mersey, will connect the A56 and A57 in Warrington.

Roads minister Jesse Norman said the bypass would "significantly benefit" road users and residents in the town.

Warrington Borough Council said the scheme could improve air quality and cut journey times in the town centre.

The Local Democracy Reporting Service said the government had confirmed it will provide £142.5m towards the project with the council funding the remainder.

The road was given council approval in 2017 despite local protests over fears of increased pollution and noise.

Warrington Borough Council leader Russ Bowden said the bypass was "key to the council's ambitions' to tackle town centre congestion and improve air quality".

The Department of Transport said the road would create an additional key link between the north and south of Warrington, taking shipping traffic away from the town centre and easing traffic near Warrington Bank Quay railway station.

A spokesman said construction could start as early as 2021.
i hope it’s not the same company that was improving regent Road  :o
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