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Old Manchester / Re: Newton Heath Technical
« Last post by Parky on 06:29:00, 11/06/19 »
I did , I was only there one year ,started in 1966, I remember mr maitland, the geography teacher, mr Harrison , mr Hewitt, “ tash”( can’t remember his proper name ), and mr whitham the headmaster ,
Old Manchester / Newton Heath Technical
« Last post by anglo1 on 22:24:52, 10/06/19 »
Does anyone remember or went to Newton Heath Tech on Hague Street just off Oldham Road, sadly demolished years ago I believe. A number of us went there from longsight and it was a good school.
Old Manchester / Re: Engineering works? Pottery Lane, Openshaw
« Last post by anglo1 on 21:59:30, 10/06/19 »
I think it was Crossley Premier they made engines and I think Locomotives. I worked in shipping industry years ago at Manchester Liners and we moved their cargo to Canada.
Old Manchester / Re: St Josephs technical high Longsight
« Last post by anglo1 on 21:42:01, 10/06/19 »
Does anyone remember Jane Mullen? She was a neighbour of mine on North Road Longsight, she went there probably between 1974 and 1978?
Old Manchester / Ardwick memories
« Last post by ardwickboy on 21:23:27, 10/06/19 »
I am looking for people who lived in or around Mawson Street opposite Ardwick Green Park. I lived there for a few years until the house was demolished in 1962.
Manchester Chat / Re: Watch out a scum bag ABOUT!
« Last post by celeste on 19:28:28, 10/06/19 »
Probably trying to find witnesses, more evidence :-\
Manchester Chat / Re: Watch out a scum bag ABOUT!
« Last post by St Chads Lad on 16:38:18, 10/06/19 »

A man wrestled a woman in her 70s to the ground attempting to steal three gold bangles, he was foiled by a taxi driver, the thief escaped on a bicycle.

What sort of person targets an elderly female or male for that matter  >:(
The fuzz have arrested a 46 year old male on suspicion of attempted robbery in connection with the offence, and released him 'under investigation'
Manchester Chat / Re: Watch out a scum bag ABOUT!
« Last post by ronyrash on 15:38:10, 10/06/19 »
An encounter with African Killer Bees  would sort him out
Old Manchester / Re: H. Wiles toy shop
« Last post by davo on 22:20:12, 09/06/19 »
Radiogak - I think I may have had a flashback. I think I do remember the train set in Wiles' window. It was near the corner of the window on the entrance of Lewis' Arcade on the Piccadilly side (Moseley Street).
Old Manchester / Re: H. Wiles toy shop
« Last post by davo on 22:10:25, 09/06/19 »
I thought this thread had dried up a long time ago, but Hey Ho! I am sorry you missed all the wonder and imagination that toy shop encouraged at that time, for those who could afford the toys and those who couldn't. It was a fantastic journey just walking around the place.
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