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Sport & Activities / Re: Football
« Last post by lozflan on 08:29:32, 01/05/20 »
Aguero says he and other players are fearful for their families,if footy kicks off again.
Atreat in store to see them gozzeling and blowing noses onto the pitch again. UGH.
Old Manchester / Re: Conwy
« Last post by celeste on 08:15:20, 01/05/20 »
Can anyone offer her more information?
Manchester Chat / Re: Police officer 'We'll make something up'
« Last post by Parky on 16:54:09, 29/04/20 »
Apparently Police are wanting to have a “ word of advice “to a man who has been dressing up and walking about dressed as a “ Plague doctor “. They state he could frighten children , obviously they  are not going to have a “ word” with some females of a minority who are covered in black from head to toe
Manchester Chat / Re: Police officer 'We'll make something up'
« Last post by St Chads Lad on 16:23:54, 29/04/20 »

. I wonder what story this officer will make up, another coward in blue picks his mark.  :-\
Old Manchester / Re: Manchester Central Grammar School for Boys
« Last post by Bob Bowling on 11:28:13, 29/04/20 »
I remember Joe Potterton well. The rumoured weapon he carried was a hand axe, I can just imagine what a fuss the plod would make these days if they saw him riding along with that.
Old Manchester / Portland Lodge, 40 Dickinson Street
« Last post by WilliamsBrosLtd on 01:23:21, 29/04/20 »
Hi, does anyone have any memories of The Portland Lodge Club?  Would love to hear any stories or see any photos.

Thanks in advance,

Old Manchester / Re: Daimler House & Manchester Garages
« Last post by Stuarta on 22:03:01, 28/04/20 »
Hi Paul
Just read this from a while ago
I worked at Manchester Garages early 70’s when Bob Stoodley was in charge.
Colin Lloyd was the dealer principal and Danny Bailey was sales manager.
Such good memories of my time in Manchester.
If you see this then we can catch up on memories
Best wishes
Stuart Smith
Manchester Chat / Re: HAPPY ST. GEORGE'S DAY
« Last post by St Chads Lad on 18:12:43, 23/04/20 »
See the source image

Old Manchester / Re: Manchester Central Grammar School for Boys
« Last post by Nimble on 17:51:10, 23/04/20 »

I went from 74-79 so much later than most.

Started at Lower School (Daisy Bank Rd)

Ferguson was the Headmaster down there and Mrs Reynolds was my 2nd year form teacher and English teacher which I enjoyed.

Moved to Kirky lane and Jack Firth was my form teacher. As mentioned, he was a huge bloke with a temper and an ex boxer who had a real passion for Latin which was all but finished by then as a subject although he taught History.

My English teacher was Joe Potterton who was just brilliant. Radio 4 on in the background and a real scholar of English and Latin too. He would wear his gown regularly and anybody who had him as a teacher just knew he was something different.

He used to circle poor work with red ink then give you marks like
-1000/10 which I'd never seen before  >:(  and my very first essay was covered in red circles. ;D

I struggled at school as I basically lost interest but I do remember Joe talking to me privately in my last year and he said if I really applied myself I could achieve a really good grade at 'O' level. It changed everything for me, just that bit of encouragement. I passed with distinction and to this day I don't remember anything about the exam at all. I just arrived, started writing and left early with him staring at me as i left the room.Cognitive flow or something but I was proud of myself and really happy for him for showing faith.

He was a bit eccentric (or so I thought but really he was a true academic). Used to ride his pushbike with the panniers on the side. Rumor was he had a weapon in one of them so he could see off any dogs that had a go at him on the way in... ;D

Maths was Mr Acton (with his trademark pipe) and I never registered anything at all with him although he was a good teacher and taught my older brother who went on to great things in his chosen field.

Geography was Mr Bolton
Chemistry was Mr Eckersley
Physics was Mr Dickinson
I remember Mr Salmon but wasn't taught by him

Apart from Joe Potts it wasn't a great experience and the school was sadly lacking in so many areas by the time I left. Couldn't wait to leave and I'd already secured an apprenticeship so the last few weeks of 5th year I dialed it in...

Manchester Genealogy / Seymour Park Secondary Modern School
« Last post by trishaw1048 on 15:04:00, 23/04/20 »
Hi there, I am in the process of writing a book and need some photos of Seymour Park Secondary Modern School in the 1960s - preferably between 1960 - 1964. I have visited the area and taken one of the outside, but would love to have another 2-3 images if at all possible, either of the inside or old school group photos.

I did attend the school myself in the dates shown above, and was known then at Pat Morton.

You can email me.

Thanks in advance.

Pat Woodcock nee Morton
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