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Manchester Chat / HAPPY NEW YEAR 2021
« Last post by celeste on 00:03:59, 01/01/21 »
To all our members past and present A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR

from the ADMIN TEAM
« Last post by Aretha on 21:18:44, 31/12/20 »
I was in Styal from about 1958-60.  I remember having to have a sleep on the camp beds and hearing the teacher with the false leg walking around.  Someone told me he kept our homework in his false leg. I remember my first night really clearly at Styal, I was terrified and someone, I think it was a nurse, telling me to stop crying.  I didn't know why I was there or how long I would be there.  I remember having to wear a striped dress and having to eat porridge which I hated. 
Jill - you asked for information on Layinka Hooker.  I would love to tell you about her.  She was a very close friend for many years and unfortunately she died two years ago.  If you email me I will get back to you.  She talked a lot about her time in Styal.
Manchester Chat / Latest TFGM Update
« Last post by celeste on 11:13:36, 31/12/20 »

Following yesterday’s government announcement, Greater Manchester has today moved into Tier 4 coronavirus restrictions. You can find out more about the restrictions and what these mean for you on the government's Tier 4 guidance page.
Tier 4 was introduced just before Christmas in response to the rapid increase in the new variant of coronavirus, which is now spreading across the country, with the average rate of infection having doubled in the past two weeks.
I want to let you know what this means for travel in our region.
In Tier 4 areas, government guidance is that you must stay at home, except for work (if you can’t work at home), education, medical appointments, caring responsibilities, essential shopping or outdoor exercise. You also mustn’t leave or enter Greater Manchester other than for these reasons.
If you do need to travel, please try to stay local, reduce the number of journeys you make, and walk or cycle if you can.
If you need to use public transport, use TfGM’s website to plan your journey and please try to avoid busier times, like the morning and afternoon peaks. Allow extra time for your journey and try to take quieter routes. TfGM’s Travelshops and interchanges will remain open.
Please help to keep yourselves and others safe when travelling - you must wear a face covering unless you’re exempt, please wash your hands before and after travel and use contactless where possible.
If you’re driving, please avoid sharing your car with anyone outside your household or support bubble.
This is a critical time for the NHS, so please do your bit to continue to help save lives by following government advice and helping us spread the safe travel messages among your family and friends.
Kate Brown
Director of Corporate Affairs
Manchester Chat / Re: John Dalton Street
« Last post by specececo on 07:34:02, 31/12/20 »
i remember manny had his bust in the window
swedish mystic i think
close to the ape and apple
Manchester Chat / Re: John Dalton Street
« Last post by specececo on 07:26:28, 31/12/20 »
hello bookie and carl
willshawes rins a bell but i suppose there not exclusive.
sherrats definitely st annes.  i saw muhammed ali there
a moving day

yes i remember immanuel   very close to goethe hidden gem maxwell cafe
and the john dalton cafe

towns awful day but i suppose nil desperandum
Sport & Activities / Re: Football
« Last post by ExileSteve on 22:16:44, 29/12/20 »
It is designed to break your spirit. No family, no friends, no outdoor activities, no social gatherings or trips to the pub, no workouts in the gym, and no entertainment.

But, please, do not consider suicide as an option. That is precisely what they want you to do.
Manchester Chat / Re: John Dalton Street
« Last post by bookworm on 16:35:21, 29/12/20 »
i remember there was a religious bookshop half way down where church house was/is
think it was called Swedengborg ?
may be wrong but Sherraat and Hughes was i think by St Annes
best wished
Sport & Activities / Re: Football
« Last post by Parky on 12:29:09, 29/12/20 »
Hi loz ,you don’t think the authority’s think of the poor housebound fan , it’s a captive audience with advertising overkill
Sport & Activities / Re: Football
« Last post by lozflan on 09:35:22, 29/12/20 »
Yes Parky,but wasn't extra Holiday matches put on for the fans,who are now stuck at home.
Old Manchester / Re: Manchester Evening News archives
« Last post by celeste on 19:21:57, 28/12/20 »
I can recall a G. Corfield who was a regular contributor on the letters page.
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