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Old Manchester / Re: 261 Piccadilly Radio.
« Last post by bazzabazzabazza on 19:54:31, 28/09/19 »
anybody got an image of the picc radio sweatshirt from 1978-79?
I had one, cream, and cud do wiv an image of one...
Old Manchester / piccadilly radio
« Last post by bazzabazzabazza on 19:38:08, 28/09/19 »
Anybody got an image of a 1970's (probs around 1978-79) radio piccadilly radio sweatshirt.
I used to have one and need an image for summat.
Sute it was cream coloured with some red on the arms and obviously logo on front.

Old Manchester / Re: manchester liners
« Last post by lozflan on 12:23:07, 28/09/19 »
Good luck with your search. Looking up the "Brigade" was interesting. On Lloyds it looks like there is a sister ship,almost same tonnage and builder. The " Division" I think.
Engine room crew seems large compared to later ships,one Fireman Trimmer from Cheetham Hill,as am I.
Such a large loss of life,she must have gone down fast.
Recently I came across some vid. of the Richard Ley,with Hitler aboard. Hitler watching the U129? cruise alongside,which also sunk the first ship in the war.
Richard Ley was quickly changed from cruise liner to hospital ship at the start of hostilities.   To avoid being sunk ?.
U129 survived the war.
I suggest they contact Mayor Andy Burnham, as closing a much needed facility is bad news.
Hes far too busy listening to a little girl waffling on about the weather
I suggest they contact Mayor Andy Burnham, as closing a much needed facility is bad news.

Former service users have reacted angrily to the closure of Manchester's only overnight mental health support centre.
The Sanctuary in Hulme was the only service providing face-to-face support to people from 20:00 to 06:00 BST.
NHS bosses said they were "expanding care to a wider range" of services and other help was available.
However, one former service user said: "They're just balancing cheques and spreadsheets saying where can we cut?"
Old Manchester / Manchester liners
« Last post by rovarch on 15:25:52, 27/09/19 »
i am interested in the SS Manchester Brigade, built 1918 and sank 26th September 1940. I have been trying desperately to locate the plans of this ship or of a ship of the same class.  From the plans I am hoping to build a 3D model. Tried the museums where she was built in Hartlepool, no luck. If anyone has any information or know where the plans can be found. I would be most grateful. Many thanks.
Manchester Chat / Re: Manchester sex gang detained
« Last post by St Chads Lad on 09:35:42, 24/09/19 »
There are plans to roll out in the national curriculum, lessons for children as young as six years old to be taught about 'touching themselves', how many members of this culture, or religion if you like, work in primary schools, would anyone want their kids taught this in school? It's a paedos dream.
  These sickos are still getting banged up in Rotherham and it hardly merits a mention in the media any more.
Manchester Chat / Re: Manchester sex gang detained
« Last post by Parky on 09:09:27, 24/09/19 »
Usual suspects  :(
Manchester Chat / Re: Manchester sex gang detained
« Last post by celeste on 08:44:22, 24/09/19 »
Religion v Culture - culture has been the excuse they use which means they besmirch their religion.

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