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Old Manchester / Re: Chorlton on medlock
« Last post by Rothie18 on 15:31:08, 28/01/19 »

I've joined the forum on behalf of my dad (he's a bit of a technophobe). He's trying to locate an old teacher of his from the 1960s.

My dad was born in 1952 and went to St Pauls c of e primary. His teacher was Miss Vaughn in 1961/2. The headteacher at the time was a Mr Smith.

I would love some help in trying to find out what happened to Miss Vaughn.

Excellent  O0
ditto :)
Fantastic gesture for this brave man, Happy Birthday Mr Whent  O0

Bob Whent's birthday was celebrated with all the pomp and ceremony befitting of a 100-year-old World War Two veteran.

He reached the milestone with no living relatives but a band from the Royal Artillery, with which Mr Whent served during the Normandy Landings of 1944, treated him to a performance at his care home in Moston, Manchester.

26 Jan 2019

Manchester Chat / Re: Watch out a scum bag ABOUT!
« Last post by celeste on 13:51:06, 26/01/19 »

Det Con Mark Robertson, of Greater Manchester Police, said the victims had been "left shaken and terrified".

He said: "It takes a certain amount of wickedness to target the elderly and vulnerable, and Smart and Bools are nothing short of depraved for carrying out these deplorable crimes."
Old Manchester / Re: Cheetham/Hill 1950s/60s?
« Last post by Julie Anne Ratcliffe on 12:05:13, 24/01/19 »
Thank you, I will
Old Manchester / Re: Cheetham/Hill 1950s/60s?
« Last post by cheethamgirl on 12:00:18, 24/01/19 »
I wish you the very best of luck in your quest, Julie. Do let us know how you get on. I'm a researcher and can always suggest places to search once you get a clue who you might be looking for.  O0
Old Manchester / Re: Cheetham/Hill 1950s/60s?
« Last post by Julie Anne Ratcliffe on 11:57:48, 24/01/19 »
Yes I was thinking along the same lines as you when contacting the shop. I have been thinking of doing a DNA Test for a while but didn't know if it would tell me much. After what you have said I am going to give it a go and see what ethnicity I am and see if it throws up any middle eastern roots. I was left with a specially made key ring from Israel when my mum passed away and some Nativity figures made of olive wood from Jerusalem
Old Manchester / Re: Cheetham/Hill 1950s/60s?
« Last post by cheethamgirl on 11:45:37, 24/01/19 »

No. But I think what Celeste is suggesting is that Gerald Stuart's descendants may have moved the business to Denton. Worth contacting them, maybe? If you do, I'd be inclined simply to say you are researching your family history.

Have you thought, though, of taking a DNA test with one of the family history companies? I did so and was able to help an Australian chap to identify who his unknown father was - it was my uncle! mostly has Americans using it, though I used it and found 280+ descendants of my Irish and Scots ancestors there. FindMyPast is more UK centric but doesn't have anything like the number of subscribers as  At the moment, though, FindMyPast are inviting anyone who has already submitted their DNA to another company, such as, to submit it to FindMyPast, too, and they'll give you a free check against the subscribers to their company. It's a way of boosting their DNA bank. I've done so. All the companies have special offers a couple of times a year, so you can save on the fees if you pick your time. The best thing about it is that, whilst people can lie and obfuscate when it comes to family relationships,  DNA does not lie. 

By the way, though my DNA and family history are entirely Irish & Scots, I found one 'Jewish' cousin. Rose Shapiro lives in New York and always believed she was Jewish, but it transpired she was adopted (sold) from Ireland under the same circumstances as seen in the film 'Philomena'. She had no idea she was really Irish.   

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