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Manchester Chat / Re: LAPIDUS FAMILY
« Last post by bookworm on 17:35:53, 03/03/20 »
Hi to anyone researching Lapidus ,
on the net there is a glass water bottle for sale
M Lapidus Mount Pleasant Manchester er so assume there was a connection with the mineral water sales
Sport & Activities / MOVED: Espresso Bongo
« Last post by celeste on 14:14:09, 03/03/20 »
Old Manchester / Re: St Josephs technical high Longsight
« Last post by Michelle Ginger on 14:07:25, 03/03/20 »
Annual Reunion Mass for Staff, Alumni and their families,
St Joseph's RC Technical High School
Laindon Rd, Victoria Park, Manchester 14

If you went to the school, this is for you to come and celebrate our part In Manchester's history 1871 - 1985.

Saturday, 21 March 2020
11 am Confessions
& Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament
12 Noon Deferred Mass Celebration - Nearest Saturday
Feast of St Joseph, 19 March 2020
Refreshments after in the parish hall

St Bernard's RC Church,
Burnage Lane M19 1DR

The buildings are gone but we are still here, living stones.
Old Manchester / Pendleton
« Last post by queally15 on 13:41:11, 03/03/20 »
Did Anyone live in Pendleton during the late 60's and early 70 's? Does anyone remember the Nugent family who lived in Brentwood, Eccles old Road during the late 60's early 70' s. I was friends with Christine Nugent. She lived with her Mum, and her Aunt Nora lived in same St. She had a sister Angela who lived in the Salford flats and a sister Bridie who lived in Kearsley. We had great times then.
Old Manchester / Re: Cheetham/Hill 1950s/60s?
« Last post by queally15 on 12:44:23, 03/03/20 »
Does anyone remember a girl called Mary who lived in the Cheetam Hill during the late 60's and early 70 's. Mary worked as a waitress at various cafes in Manchester City centre, including the Gay Dolphin cafe on Piccadilly. Now it's the Piccadilly tavern. It's not much to go on but I've forgotten her surname. She was from Co. Cork. Any info appreciated. I think she would be in her late 60's or early 70 's.
Old Manchester / Espresso Bongo
« Last post by queally15 on 12:37:03, 03/03/20 »
Does anyone remember a Mr Andrews who owned the cafes Espresso Bongo near Victoria Station and the Gay Dolphin cafe on Piccadilly. I was wondering if he is still alive. He owned both cafes in the late 60's and early 70 's. Plus others. Any info appreciated. Thanks
Manchester Chat / Plans for new indoor arena next to Etihad Stadium
« Last post by celeste on 11:21:20, 29/02/20 »

A new 350m indoor arena in Manchester would be the largest in the UK, the company behind the scheme has revealed.
Sport & Activities / Re: Football
« Last post by ExileSteve on 21:26:22, 27/02/20 »
Great result last night, but it isn't over yet. Once again, we gifted the other lot one of our speciality 'Comedy Of Errors" goals. That defence has got to be overhauled in the summer. But, on the plus side, we actually managed to convert a penalty for the first time since the overthrow of Edward 2nd, or so it feels, anyway.

So far, so good. A steady nerve in the second leg, then bring on the Dippers in that quarter-final tie...
Sport & Activities / Re: Football
« Last post by lozflan on 21:57:59, 26/02/20 »
Ramos red carded,made my night,more than the goals.
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