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Manchester Chat / NHS - Winter Pressures, is the North West ready?
« Last post by celeste on 10:17:10, 21/11/18 »

Last winter the NHS came under more pressure than ever before, with then Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt admitting it was "probably the worst ever".

And there is no sign that demand is going down. Urgent and emergency services are as busy as ever, mainly due to the growing and complex needs of our ageing population.

On Tuesday, Dame Donna Kinnair, of the Royal College of Nursing, said hospitals were facing a shortage of both beds and staff - with images of "patients waiting on trolleys in corridors" becoming all too common.

The NHS in England responded by saying it was committed to improving waiting times.

The government has brought forward 145m of funding for hospitals in England to upgrade emergency departments and wards.

Here in the North West, a huge amount of work has been done to try to improve "patient flow" through our hospitals.
Manchester Chat / Re: 'Significant violence' at HMP Manchester
« Last post by celeste on 08:25:24, 21/11/18 »
Playing Devil's Advocate here, their punishment is the incarceration, they should still be treated in a civilised manner - they do say 'violence breeds violence' which may be the crux of the problem :-\
« Last post by celeste on 22:28:44, 20/11/18 »
Broadband provider TalkTalk is moving its headquarters from London to Salford, the firm has confirmed.

It said hundreds of roles would be relocated to its Salford office - where its business and technology teams are already based - in 2019.

It said transferring its main office out of London was "part of its strategy to simplify its operations".

The firm added it would start hiring for new posts in Salford next year.

The Salford site replaced previous offices in the North West of England in Warrington and Irlam.

TalkTalk chief executive Tristia Harrison said: "We've always had a base in the North West, but we want to build on that heritage and create a world-class campus for the whole business.

"As with any change, we are committed to supporting all of our colleagues during this transition period.

"Bringing all of our teams together will make us a simpler business, where it's easier for teams to work together and deliver the very best service for customers."

'Apprenticeship programmes'

TalkTalk said new posts would be created in Salford, in part through the continued expansion of its graduate and apprenticeship programmes.

Salford city mayor Paul Dennett said it was an "exciting new chapter in Salford's success story as the fastest growing economy in Greater Manchester".

"TalkTalk relocating their headquarters and executive team here and creating hundreds of new, high quality, technical, digital jobs speaks volumes for its investment in a digital future."

Rebecca Long Bailey, MP for Salford and Eccles, said she hoped the move would open up opportunities for Salford residents.

"This announcement provides further evidence that businesses can find success and growth outside of London, provide investment to the area, and job opportunities for people here in Salford."
Old Manchester / Re: John Wallwork Volvo Ltd
« Last post by newford9b on 21:09:45, 20/11/18 »
Re the post about the mechanics names from County Garages/ John Wallworks from the 60's. Wilf Dewhurst, Peter Bibby, Clifford Eyres  Frank Shawcross, Frank Grimes, Harold Pedley Tony Siddall , also those whose surnames elude me, Eric ?? Paul ?? Dave ??
Old Manchester / Re: Chorlton on medlock
« Last post by Carol Stewart on 18:20:44, 20/11/18 »
Hi do you remember Kathleen Brennan she was Nancy friend
Manchester Chat / Re: 'Significant violence' at HMP Manchester
« Last post by Parky on 10:36:51, 20/11/18 »
Prisons have been allowed over the years to become lax in discipline and here are the results , however I cannot feel sorry for anyone in prison ( apart from the staff ) , it is not compulsory to go in there
Manchester Chat / North's 'poor health hurts economy' says report
« Last post by celeste on 10:25:58, 20/11/18 »

Relatively poor health in the north of England has a major impact on the area's economic performance, according to a report.

The Northern Health Science Alliance (NHSA) study said the government should try to improve the region's health as part of its industrial strategy.

Life expectancy and productivity is lower in the North than in the rest of England, it stated.

But the government said it had "a strong track record" on health.

A Department of Health and Social Care spokesperson said the government's ambition was "to help people live longer, healthier lives, regardless of where they live.

The NHSA commissioned universities in Newcastle, Manchester, Lancaster, Liverpool, Sheffield and York to produce Health for Wealth - Building a Healthier Northern Powerhouse for UK Productivity.

It looks at the impact of health on productivity and the chances of improving it by "regional growth through health improvement".

It called for an increase in NHS funding in the area to be spent on prevention services and health science research.
Manchester Chat / 'Significant violence' at HMP Manchester
« Last post by celeste on 09:23:02, 20/11/18 »

Levels of violence at HMP Manchester have "increased threefold" since 2014, inspectors have said, with 45 attacks on staff in just six months.

A report on the jail also revealed there had been 177 assaults in the same six-month period.

However, inspectors said the prison was "adequately resourced".

Michael Spurr, of HM Prison and Probation service, said: "Prison staff are working closely with police colleagues to tackle these issues."

Overall, the inspection by HM Inspectorate of Prisons (HMIP) found levels of violence to be "significant", with two-thirds of prisoners feeling unsafe during their time in the prison.

A similar number indicated they had been "victimised by other prisoners" and over half "felt victimised by staff".

The use of force by staff had also "increased significantly" since the last inspection, and often "lacked sufficient scrutiny".

This contributed to an environment inspectors said was "less safe and respectful" than four years ago.

In a separate report published last year by the Independent Monitoring Board, HMP Manchester was found to be "squalid, vermin-infested" and "reminiscent of Dickensian England" by inspectors.
Old Manchester / Re: White Nancy
« Last post by ExileSteve on 21:52:35, 19/11/18 »

My wife and I are fond of White Nancy and the hill it sits on. It was one of the first walks we enjoyed when I took her to Manchester for the first time, so it provides us with some lovely memories. We haven't been on many long walks since the kids arrived but we'll resume the habit as soon as possible! Thanks for the information, I would never have made the connection without reading that.

Old Manchester / Re: Chorlton on medlock
« Last post by johnjo on 20:17:11, 19/11/18 »
Hi does anyone know how I can find out who lived at 37 Westbourne grove chorlton on medlock in August /September 1957
Thanks Carol

I was born at number 35 in 1956 and I remember Paddy and Nancy  when I was growing up.
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