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« Last post by Wythyboy on 01:36:57, 13/08/19 »
Hello again Roy.

What a shame we were not there same time. I loved it in Peter Pan House and never saw any of the abuse that I have read about. I do know once it became The Bollin cross School there was a great deal of documented abuse.
Nurse Lyons took a shine to me which was a good thing as although no abuse she would give some of the kids a really scary stare! Once during her bible story Sundays I sat with my finger over my lips so as not to be seen talking! She walked over and gave me a brand new bible with pictures Ha Ha. Sorry Nurse Lyons but I never got past the first few pages!
Yes I remember all you have put plus being a breakfast monitor. One bowl of porridge, one round of white bread and a heaped spoon of Lyons Golden Syrup. Great stuff. Sunday visits to the local church with our one penny piece for the collection plate. Had to hold hands with the girls from Wendy House all the way there and back. Do you recall Nurse Jones she was Welsh. She was a softy and loved all us kids. Mr Potts or Potter the teacher with the false leg. Cut off by the Japanese or so he said, but could have been true and Miss Deacon and Critchley. Talking of Nurse Lyons. I visited her after she had retired and living in Ashton or Ashton Under Line. Invited her to my wedding. She couldn't come due to arthritis I think but sent us a card and a ten shilling note. My parents lived close by in Woodhouse Park and visited every Sunday. I felt really sad for all those who never got a visit. Remember the forced sleeps after lunch in the main hall on those camp beds listening to Mozart or similar LPs ? I was placed there because of my really bad asthma which kept me away from school for long periods. Glad to say that although I have always needed a spray it almost cured me and made school each day after I left. I have recently retired from the NHS where I worked as a Theatre Technician so managed to make up for my absences by  achieving five O Levels. Immediately after leaving school I joined the RAF for six years in a chopper squadron. Are you on FACEBOOK if so I could befriend you there  if you give me your Facebook name. Mine is HARRY PLANT A few may pop up but you cannot miss me as its a photo of my eldest son wearing his Flight Sergeant Uniform embracing a pretty blond girl! Well I have probably bored you to tears but so pleased to have received just one reply. Yours!!!!!  I suppose some of the kids want to forget but I loved every minute. Especially messing around in the dormitory's after lights out and roller skating round the playground at great speed not to forget climbing over the fence into the Orchard of Oak Farm and nicking the odd apple. Happy Days my friend. Take care. Oh, where were you from and where are you now ? I am living in North Devon close to Barnstaple. Bye
Burch, thanks for your reply, I have been to the central library but all they could find for me was details of Ducie High going into Central. The details of the grammar time seem to not exist. When you got the box out was it under Central High School ?
I am going to try again once I get your reply,
Many thanks for your help,
Old Manchester / Re: Cafe Royal, Manchester
« Last post by celeste on 19:04:17, 12/08/19 »
Welcome to the forum :)

A very interesting post, we need more Cafe Royals, the afternoon teas at the Midland are good too ;)
Old Manchester / Re: Cafe Royal, Manchester
« Last post by Honotia Thomas on 18:59:47, 12/08/19 »
I'm  Honotia GROARK THOMAS I was in 1962 office junior at Manchester Law Society my boss wondergull man Mr Eric Knott and Mrs Parker at Xmas we had our Xmas party at the wonderfull Cafe Royal Peter Street  was then   posh  restaurant not  a common  Berni  Inn. Did you know it was  the Balcony at  the Royal. Where the  lord mayor ex gave orders  to charge on people the Peterloo Massacre they modernized the front of building later. Years look away. It s market. Street Tore down  magnificent buildings. Hence Arundale  centre. Eye sites ruined Manchester .l spent lots happy  days in doubles. Bar when I worked. At Granada TV. Down the road it was then a common  Berni  Inn bit still a great. Meeting. Place as was  Tommy Ducks. Another loss to our city .Gaumon Cinema Long Bar.Ritz Balloon so many many. Happy memories  of  my youth. I'm a Salford. Girl Irlam O Th Heights could go on. Forcever   but need a Gin ......get in touch if you read this....Albert Pemberton from. Formby Road what. Happened. To. You  in life
Old Manchester / Re: Help
« Last post by Butch43 on 13:21:45, 12/08/19 »
Hi Dorothy,

If you can get to a public library you will be able to look up the 1939 census using Find My Past. This is something that you would usually have to pay for at home, but libraries have a free-to-use version.  I realise that Hattersley took its first residents in the 1960s so there is more than 20 years between the two dates, but at least it's a start. You will need to join the library so take some ID with you.  They should enrol you there and then and you can get started.

Good luck,

Old Manchester / Re: Manchester Central Grammar School for Boys
« Last post by Butch43 on 09:13:29, 12/08/19 »
Dear Tony,

About seven or eight years ago the Manchester Record Office at Central Library underwent a refurbishment. They moved to a temporary home somewhere near the old Guardian printworks and it was during that time that I found the school stuff.  I can only imagine that they still have the information, now that the R.O. has moved back to Central Library.  From memory all I did was ask at the desk for anything they held on the school.  The class photos, the admissions book from my time, the stuff from 1974 about de la Perrelle's retirement was all in a box or two.  I'm sure that if you were to go to the R.O. they'd find it for you.  Sometimes you have to phone in advance to order up the information so it might be worth doing that first.

I am in Leicestershire so won't be able to make as many meetings as I  might like to, but I'll keep my eye on what is happening and see what I can manage.

All the best,

Hello Butch , I have been trying to get info from my time in the 60 s  without any real success.Can you tell me where you found the photos etc, So I can try and do a bit of digging.
Hope you will be able to come to some of our meetings soon.
Best wishes.....TONY.
Old Manchester / Re: Manchester Central Grammar School for Boys
« Last post by Butch43 on 15:35:59, 10/08/19 »
I have just thought of four more lads in our form: Mohammed Afzal Khan, Gary Rowe, Roman Tymczyszyn ( pronounced Timtishen) and Leslie Woods.

Also, about seven years ago I was digging around in the Manchester Record Office and found a number of bits and pieces connected with the school. There were several class photos from the early 1960s which were not relevant to me at the time.  They can be copied if anybody wanted to do that.  I took a camera with me and have copies of de la Perelle's retirement 'do' invitation from 1974, a photo of him with his secretary of the time and a photo of the entire staff from 1974.  I have tried to attach them here but they are too big. If anybody would like them and can tell me how to do a personal message or give me their email address I will happily send them on.
Dear Forum Users,
I would like to re-activate a post from 2016 which I have discovered:
*Steve Keenan has just set up a page with Anne Bowler, Lisa Kelly , Mike Flynn . So if you are from our years at this school please get in touch . It would be great to see as many as possible coming together again after all these years .
Thank's on behalf of the group, Mike*
Well I was a French Assistant at St. Thomas Aquinas in Chorlton-cm-Hardy from 1978-1979 and I would love to get in touch!
Who remembers French teacher Mrs. Woods and Sister Sheila ?
Thanks for contacting me :)
Old Manchester / Re: Openshaw History
« Last post by Butch43 on 14:13:00, 10/08/19 »
I know that five years has passed since you posted this, but have you tried the Manchester Local Image Collection?  Just type that sentence into a search engine and check it out.  You will find any Manchester street you care to mention and thousands of pictures from the last century.  Good luck.
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