Author Topic: Longsight Furniture Store- Stockport Road, Longsight  (Read 2134 times)


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I am trying to do some research into a couple of business which my grandfather, Godfrey Gould ran between 1895-1919. We think his first big shop was at 755-757 Stockport Road, Longsight around 1901, although I have a picture of his shop which says Longsight Furniture Store and today we have tried to locate the actual shop and have discovered its is actually at 645-647 Stockport Road which is located in Levenshulme.

Can anyone tell me if Stockport Road numbers have been changed since then and can you tell me if 755-757 is now 645-647

Also can anyone tell me how to locate any memorabilia, photgraphs or records dating back from my Grandfathers shop on Stockport Road?

I have also found him in the business directory for 1895 as Millinery at 19 Stockport Road and I wonder if anyone can clarify this.

Finally I am also trying to research an early business he had on Slade Lane. Please see second posting entitled Furniture Store-Slade Lane, Longsight

Many thanks