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« on: 18:26:43, 04/10/14 »
For some reason I'm unable to access the national-lottery site on my laptop.
It come up as: 'This connection was reset'  Try again.
There is no problem with other sites.
I don't have a problem on my desktop.


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Re: Laptop
« Reply #1 on: 21:19:06, 04/10/14 »
I had a spot of bother like that with the lottery site and it was because my ISP's nannying "family settings" had banned me from gambling sites.  I was also unable to access the internet at all during my "homework hours"..... some glitch in their software had done it, and it meant I couldn't change the settings either until they sorted themselves out.   
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Re: Laptop
« Reply #2 on: 20:52:48, 07/10/14 »
I had fun with my laptop,the screen went black and nothing for two days.
My young brother went through different things with it and as this was over
the phone not easy i tried to find the battery compartment and after peeking under two
lots of screw down things..I didnt fully open them as i could see no battery could be
housed there..Gave up accidently found where the battery was but was fed up by now
gave it one last try and it came on???
My sister in her wisdom said why didnt i google it mmm no laptop Sue ;D
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