Author Topic: Sisters of Charity Convent - 85, Rumford Street, Chorlton-upon-Medlock  (Read 2346 times)


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I am looking into my family history and, specifically, for info about my maternal grandmother, whom I never met. I have discovered that, according to the Census of 1911, she was living ( as an 'inmate') in this Convent/Girls' Home as a 'Domestic Student'. The Home was, at that time, headed by Sister Josephine Bilsborrow.

I know nothing about when she entered the Home, or why, or when she left it....I don't know how exactly her status as 'inmate' differed from that of other girls there at the time who were described as 'boarders'. I believe the actual premises involved here were demolished some time ago and the area is now part of Manchester University, and I cannot find anywhere where I might get information about either my grandmother or the Home itself.

I would really appreciate any information on this subject which anyone might have, however little - many thanks.


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Their full name was Sisters of Charity of St Vincent de Paul.  I have found this website and note they now prefer to call themselves Daughters of Charity etc.   There is a link on there to contact them and hopefully they could give you more information.

I lived on Rumford Street and remember the convent very well but wasn't born until 1952 so do not know anything about 'inmates' rather than 'boarders'.  The convent fronted on to Rumford Street and the girls' hostel fronted on to Upper Brook Street.  We could go from the convent to the boarders via the garden of course.  I think it was mostly young girls coming over from Ireland who needed somewhere safe to stay until they were able to afford to establish their own household. 

When the convent was demolished the nuns were spread out around the country and some of them went to the new convent and hostel on Hathersage Road, across from the baths.  One of my friends lived in the hostel for a short while and that fronted on to Anson Road.  No idea if they are still in those buildings though.

Check out the website and see if they is any of them near where you are and take it from there.

Good luck.


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Many thanks for your useful, and very prompt, response to my post Margaret; it's much appreciated and I have already learned something I didn't know.

I shall certainly look at the website you've mentioned and see if I can find anything of use this space!


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Hi Mike and welcome to the forum

You can post this on the Genealogy thread as well

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my grandparents lived on Rumford Street from around 1905 to 1960 when it was purchased by the university to be knocked down.  They were called Roland, and lived at no 75. My grandfather knew the Convent, and my father, who died in June 2020 at the age of 93 talked about it when I was writing his memoirs.  If you would like to know of his memories of it, I'd be happy to help.    Neil Roland.