Author Topic: Old Trafford - The area, not the football / cricket ground  (Read 7760 times)


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Oh I see, I lived at 144 Stamford St and after that 15 Fulford st,  ::) getting cross lines, yes from Stamford St you could cut through at various points to Shrewsbury St but I remember them pre-fabs to, my dad and family friend had a shop on Shrewsbury St that sold and repaired motorbikes, it was the end corner one of the long row of shops ha ha long time ago now


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Can't believe there aren't ex Old Traffordians on this forum?!?


I suppose I could class myself as an ex-Old Traffordian, although I wasn't born in the area, I lived here from 1974 (when I was 8 years old) before moving a little closer to Chorlton when I left home.  In 1998 I moved to my present address.  My parents house was in Lindum Avenue, where St. John's Church is located on the junction with Ayres Road.  Lots of happy childhood memories.  My school was Our Lady's Primary School in Whalley Range up until 1977.


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Hi Pete.

I worked at Tillotsons ( they became LEX Tillotson after they were bought out by the mighty LEX organization), the Dodge and AEC truck dealer on Ashburton Rd for about 6 yrs back in the late sixties early seventies , I remember going into "The Trafford " at lunch for a quick pint and a game of snooker . There was a great little café round the corner from there called "Chrisannes " I think ? , great bacon butties .

 The problem was that I lived in Newton heath, and the 53 bus went all around Manchester before finally getting to Trafford park !!, ( it used to be the longest route in Manchester )  :-\

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I am an OT person too, well, more of an M16 person I suppose.

I am originally from Whalley Range, but the family moved next door to Old Trafford when I was six, however, I continued to go to primary school in Whalley Range until 11, then went to secondary school in Trafford after that.
My parents still live in OT, so I return frequently (pandemic permitting).
Plenty of memories of growing up in OT, particulary going to Hullard Park & Seymour Park and attending the Seymour Park youth club.