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I am a student at the Manchester College asking questions about virtualisation and how it has affected businesses in Manchester. I have emailed many businesses trying to data for my dissertation. I would like any businesses in Manchester to answer 10 short questions for me.
Thank you Leigh

Do you know what virtualisation is?

Which types of virtualisation do you use?
Server virtualisation
Storage virtualisation
Network virtualisation
Service virtualisation

When did your business install the virtualisation software?

What types of virtualisation software do you use?

Has your business save money from using virtualisation software?

What challenges did your business face when installing virtualisation in your business?

What did your business look for in a virtualisation solution? What benefits did you see from virtualisation?

Are you 100% virtualised?

Do you use any cloud providers? E.g Windows Azure, VMWare vCloud
Public, private or hybrid.

Are you available for interview?

Leigh Ellison

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Re: Questionnaire for businesses for my dissertation.
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I have a google form with this questionaire. PM me if you want to fill it out that way.