Author Topic: iPad pro any good? Or just a gimmick  (Read 2619 times)


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iPad pro any good? Or just a gimmick
« on: 22:53:04, 17/09/15 »
This looks fabulous what does everyone else think laptop or iPad pro?


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Re: iPad pro any good? Or just a gimmick
« Reply #1 on: 07:10:58, 18/09/15 »
Hi looter,

This is the order I would personally pick these types of devices with my first choice at the top:

Desktop PC
Smart Phone

I'm sure that the iPad Pro is very good at doing what's actually been designed to do, but an Android will always be a better all round performer simply because it can do so much more than the iOS software as firstly it's Linux based and that means anybody can create anything for it and the modifications that can be made to how it works are endless.  I agree a product using iOS will be more reliable overall but not better, far from it.

The best way to choose is to decide how you want to use the device and what you actually want it to be able to do.  If you're constantly going to be working from it staring at the screen for long periods whilst reading etc then a decent laptop with a good screen will win every time, if it's just for casual every day use, then you can go for the iPad, but don't fool yourself into thinking that it'll be as good as a laptop, no smart phone or tablet could possibly come even close to being better than a similarly priced or even cheaper laptop, just like no laptop can come close to being better to a similarly priced Desktop PC.

I hope this bears some relevance for you, if not then I'm sorry I can't be of more help, I just don't use tablets and smart phones much if at all, they're nice flashy devices to have particularly on the go, but to me they will never replace my Desktop PC based way of doing things, everything is so much better with one, the only problem is it's not that portable, but have you seen the extremely small factor desktop PC's below, all you need to add is a mouse and keyboard.  You'll only need a monitor if you go for the ones without a built in projector :)

You can hold those things in the palm of your hand and almost fit them into a pocket, almost, you may however look a little suspicious if you try though lol :P