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Tribute to Adrian Doherty, Manchester United
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"We are very proud that Adrian's story has finally been widely told. I hope it will encourage young people to try and achieve their dreams."

Jimmy Doherty is talking about his son, Adrian, who could be the greatest footballer you have never seen.

Manchester United's famous class of '92 have been celebrated around the world. Giggs, Beckham, Scholes, Butt and the Neville brothers - the group of wonder kids who were the springboard for an unprecedented era of success at Old Trafford.

Yet when the story of the class of '92 was told, one of their extraordinarily gifted contemporaries never got a mention.

Adrian Doherty was the tousled-hair teenager from the small County Tyrone town of Strabane, who made such an impact when he joined Manchester United that he was described by the Manchester Evening News of being "capable of making the kind of impact not seen since George Best".

Yet Doherty ended up largely unknown when he died in Holland aged 26, and for years he remained something of a secret.

This changed in May with the publication of a book, Forever Young, written by Oliver Kay, which tells Adrian's life story.
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