Author Topic: trying to find my dad  (Read 1044 times)


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trying to find my dad
« on: 17:45:04, 13/11/16 »
Hi I have just joined and hope to become a regular member I was hoping well I know its a long shot but here goes, my name is eddy I am trying to find my dad its been 41 years since I last saw him, his name is frank Reece he will be about 75, we lived at 28 northern drive collyhurst my mum is betty we lived there until about 1975 I went to St James, my dad originally from Burton road near Whittington baths, he had 2 brothers uncle Brian and uncle George who I remember my grandmother lived at the house on Barlowmore Rd I believe for quite a number of years I remember a piano in the parlor, my dad changed his name before he married my mum in 1968 he was known as grant frank Norman he did have a sister who was a school teacher I think her name was barbera I may me wrong, he liked a pint and one for the lady last I heard back in about 1972 he lived in salemoor with a lady called gene I think he had a lot of children with her 7 or 8 and a few more around Manchester.he once worked at Manchester garages early 70s as a machanic that's it that's all I know don't even know if he still alive I don't want anything from him or cause him upset I just wanted to say hello dad and acknowledge mint that I'm his son and remembers me nothing else. Any information will of course be confidential and most of all extremely grateful thanks.