Author Topic: What's your favourite kind of night out?  (Read 1722 times)


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What's your favourite kind of night out?
« on: 03:03:18, 11/01/17 »

What's up!  :D

Iím organising an event as part of a course and it got me thinking..... Whatís your favourite kind of night out?

Who on here would go to a night out in a venue whose theme is different countries and places....

So your usual headline DJ, then one room South American/Latin, another room French Disco, another US Hip Hop etc etc etc? Food, drinks, decor also themed.

Do you think this would stand out and be something you would go to or would you pass?

Thanks in advance... In the words of DJ Khaled:



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Re: What's your favourite kind of night out?
« Reply #1 on: 23:30:37, 06/02/17 »

I'm amazed nobody has replied so far, so let me be the first!

I'm not so sure your suggestion would be my cup of tea, in all honesty. My idea of a night out is a warm friendly pub with lots of ale flowing, especially if it is from one of Manchester's excellent local breweries. Holts, Hydes, Marble, or any of the others. Dear God, I could murder a pint right now!


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Re: What's your favourite kind of night out?
« Reply #2 on: 06:47:30, 07/02/17 »
I think it depends on age .my idea of a good night out is just going down to my local twice a week with my Mrs  taking part in the quiz ,completely different to what I called a good night out in my youth ,but at this moment in time my idea of a favourite night out is a night in with my good lady ,she was poorly in hospital for two weeks and now she's home and I just love watching some rubbish on TVs with her. :smitten: