Author Topic: Recruiting members of the public for a discussion group - Incentive provided  (Read 1051 times)


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Would you like to take part in a discussion group about the future of the British economy taking place in Manchester next Saturday?

The process will be overseen by an independent advisory group (us). The group will be a catalyst for sparking a broader public discussion about the goals and priorities of economic policy, through an open online course and by promoting citizen deliberation over economic policy at events in communities up and down the country. Its aim is to build a stronger economic democracy in the UK through informed engagement and discussion.

You do not need to be an expert on these issues we are seeking people who wish to learn more about the issues and who have diverse personal experiences that they can draw upon. There will be experts on hand on the day to help the process along. The event will be friendly and informal.

Those attending the meeting on Saturday will be compensated for their time with 90 in Love2Shop vouchers and there will be the opportunity to attend subsequent discussions which you would also be compensated for up to a total of 560 in Love2Shop vouchers for attending every group.

There are limited spaces remaining in the group, if you would be Interested in attending please feel free to contact us directly at 01792 824970 for more information and mention your interest in attending the Manchester discussion group.