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Anyone want to
« on: 14:31:48, 09/11/17 »
Anyone want to play for England? We are only looking for players who don't have their heads up their a***
Only those who really want to play and are proud to wear the shirt. We don't want them who are more interested in the premier league or think they don't have to turn up for the friendly games. 

It looks like we have a fair few who are crying off already.  >:(

Migky  ;)
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Re: Anyone want to
« Reply #1 on: 20:11:33, 09/11/17 »
Well put Migky. O0


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Re: Anyone want to
« Reply #2 on: 22:10:14, 07/12/17 »
I've been thinking about it, and.........well, go on then, I'll give it a go!

Drop a quick message on this board if you want my phone number and details of my availability, Mr Southgate. 8)