Author Topic: Andy Burnham wants London 'style' bus system for Manchester  (Read 423 times)


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Greater Manchester should have a more simple, London-style, bus system within three years, Mayor Andy Burnham said.

He has promised to re-regulate bus services so that one organisation will oversee all routes and operators.

Passengers currently use buses run by more than 30 different bus companies with 100 different ticket options.

Regulation could mean set fares, the introduction of Oyster-style payment cards which allow travel on buses and trains, and more consistent branding.

"I get more complaints about the buses than anything else," Mr Burnham told BBC Radio Manchester.

"Yes, we will be moving ahead with the powers we have with plans to re-regulate the buses.

"We won't be putting the buses in public hands as the government has ruled that out. However we can have a regulated system like London.

"Their system light years ahead of ours."
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“I get more complaints about the buses than anything else”
.What a load of old cobblers :uglystupid2:
. I would hazard a guess that lack of police , crime going through the roof , zero law and order , the state of the roads the price of train travel and a host of other things before bus complaints
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