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Yates butchers Tib Street
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We we recently passing time discussing Yates Birthday Port, sadly a quick check on Wikipedia tells a distressing tale of takeovers and eventual descent into administration.  No mention is made of the original founders, I'm sure I read somewhere they originally made the pubs uncomfortable so working men wouldn't spend too much time there, also they did own farms in Cheshire, and this butchers in Tib Street, frequented weekly by my mother in the '60's and 70's which by the way made the most brilliant sausages was part of their pub empire, is anyone still around who also remembers the shop and the Yates philosophy?  Which is completely absent from the Wikipedia history.  Shame about the port, I used to enjoy that.


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Re: Yates butchers Tib Street
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Hi Claretwoman
This brings back a few memories. When you say the Yates's philosophy, do you mean their motto with regards to the evils of too much drink? If so, it read "moderation is true temperance" and this motto was hung in all their bars at one time. Years ago they would not tolerate any form of drunkeness on their premises. Anyone who was thought to be drunk would be asked to leave or would be literally thrown out. I saw this happen a few times back in the 70's.

One of the strangest and funniest things I saw in a wine lodge happened in middle Yates's on Oldham Street. My cousin and I were sat there one Friday night on the bench seats opposite the bar. The street door opened and in came the "shadow boxer" with all the fancy footwork, and whirling hand and arm movements. The landlord took one look at him and in no uncertain terms ordered him out. Unfortunately just at that moment one of the bar staff happened to walk across the room with a huge tray, laden with clean glasses. The shadow boxer spotted him and tried a few shadow moves on the unfortunate staff member who tried to dodge left, right and backwards away from the fake whirling punches. Just when the member of staff thought he was safe, the shadow boxer changed tack (and you could see it happening in slow motion) by placing the flat of his hand under the tray and banging upwards. You can imagine the noise and chaos as all the glasses hit the wooden floor and shattered. The landlord shouted and came from behind the bar to chase the boxer. I've never seen anyone move as fast as the "boxer" did through the door, back into the street. The landlord had no chance of catching him. Peace was restored, the glass swept up and everyone settled back down again. Five minutes later, the street door opened again but very quietly and very slowly and suddenly two disembodied arms were thrust through the opening and in an act of pure defiance, directed a couple of whirling boxing fists to the room in general before they withdrew and the door slammed shut behind them. It was this particular "move" that cracked us up laughing.

On the question of Yates's butchers, there are a couple of good photos on the Manchester Libraries Archives site at the links below.

The first shows the back door, on Tib Street, to the Oldham Street middle wine lodge. Either side of the wine lodge entrance is the Yates's bakery on the right and Yates's butchers to the left. This was no. 34 on the east side of Tib Street.

The bakery again

A small section of the butchers again, to the right of the picture.

I'm sure there was still a butchers here until a couple of years ago although it was not owned by Yates's at that time

Hope that this helps

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Re: Yates butchers Tib Street
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Does anyone remember the Pet shops in Tib Street.?