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Workhouse Infirmary - Withington
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Hi from Down Under!

I have just discovered my paternal grandmother had a younger sister no-one currently living ever knew about! We imagine the baby's mother, also called Jessie, was too distraught to ever mention her loss.

The Gorton grave record indicates she was just 3 months old when she died in Mar 1914,
and the record states she resided at Workhouse Infirmary - Withington.

Jessie Lord, buried 7 Mar 1914;
other searches indicate she was born 8 Nov 1913, Chorlton.

My grandmother was born in 1911 & her sister the year prior. Their father, Edwin, had died in Jan 1914. The two young girls & their widowed mother travelled to Australia in 1915.

How do I go about finding out about my young great aunt's admission to Withington? What information would be held & what organisation may hold details?

I & my extended family would appreciate any information that could assist us in learning about this little poppet.

Thank you,
Robyn Woodall