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John Cooper

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Withington Hospital/Workhouse
« on: 17:59:48, 03/05/18 »

I was born in Withington Hospital in December 1944. On a visit to Manchester Library, someone informed me that I could have been born in the workhouse.
Can any kind soul enlarge on this please?


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Re: Withington Hospital/Workhouse
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Hi John,
           Workhouses went out with the Victorian Era.May be your informant meant something else.Withington library might be able to shed some light on it.There were a few Coopers around where i was born in Bradford Manchester
A Mr Cooper ran the corner shop,on the side he was a comedian appearing in pubs and clubs.Kids would take any injured birds to him and he would put them [the birds] to sleep.And young Tommy Cooper could jump accross the canal locks.Coopers were highly skilled craftsmen probably had their own Guild
before the arrival of trade unions.
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Re: Withington Hospital/Workhouse
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The official abolition of workhouses came in 1930


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Re: Withington Hospital/Workhouse
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 My grandad was born in Withington hospital ( nell lane ) In  1914 . From what I have found out  Withington hospital  was a work house . It closed  after 1916  I  might  have the year slightly  out a few year's .

My  mum and my auntie  was born in nell lane hospital  . My mum auntie 1944

I also was concerned about my grandad being born in nell lane hospital.  And I was told it was a work  house. So I Googled it. And it actually tells you all about the hospital .

From what I have been told .when my grandad was born. His mum was unmarried and she never got married. That ment unmarried mother's  had there children in what we now know as Withington hospital . I was even told my grandads mum  (  my great gran ) could have worked there . But then I was told  my great gran was living in wales  and came back home to have her son.  My great gran  was a laundress.

Now I have to work out is where she actually  did work.  Unless  she worked in wales  then after  having her son in England  and at nell lane.  She could have had a job there in the laundry .