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Hello everyone .
I'm in great need of some help again. I have a problem  trying to find out if I've been sent the correct  certificates  for my grandad  and his mum.
The reason why I'm asking is because. My mum always believed that her father was born in wales .and her gran was welsh.   But after a long process  I've found out that my grandad was born in England and his mum was also born in England.  When I tried to get all the certificates  I had to put down the relative.  Like my grandad . His mum's name
I was told if it comes back not having his mothers name on it the same as you know .then it's not the correct one.  I had to do the same with his death certificate  but had to put his wife's name on.
My mum told me her dad was born 27th September 1910 which is the same as my dad's .I have found out that my grandad was born 1914 same month and date as my mum told me. My grandads  name is Alfred Evan  Jones.
His mum's name is  Frances Jones. She was born 12th of march 1891  and she passed away September 1967.

I got my grandads certificates  from the library in Manchester.  Because  the registra  office doesn't do birth certificates before 1917  I got his death certificate  from the register office .
Along with his marriage certificate.  He married my gran eveline shulman  in 1933 December.

The birth certificate and death certificate for my great gran Frances Jones was  sent to me by a member of the group called root's chat. They did it for me as a precent last year.

When I bought my grandparents marriage certificate.  Where it says  fathers name. It had David Joseph shulman  for my gran eveline. And for my grandad  it says  john jones.  Which is odd because  my great gran Frances Jones never married she brought up her son on her own.  My auntie  said she vaguely remembers  her mum saying that my grandads  father was found in the bathroom  and passed away.  I thought she ment my grandad.  I knew he passed away in  nell lane hospital. Withington. 1946.  My auntie also said  that my great gran Frances Jones was living with John jones  but not married to him.

What is bothering me is.   Are all my certificates  I have correct? I know  my grandparents marriage certificate is.
The only strange thing about that one is. Where it says  the ages  .my grandad  was 19  and my gran was 24.
So when I took the age away from when they got married in 1933. I came up with. My grandad was born 1914. And my gran was born 1909 even though  she was supposed to have been born 1911. 

So I was wondering if anyone can help me with this please?   I keep thinking about it all the time.

I really would appreciate any help you can give me.
Thank you all again.



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Re: Help
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Dorothy, did you see my message on your post of confused,
as you did not reply to the info I gave you