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Need help please
« on: 17:45:09, 17/08/18 »
Hi everyone.  I'm not sure if I've already asked this before.  But I'm in great need of some help as I'm confused.
  My grandmother  was born 26th of February 1911 her name is eveline shulman. From what I have been told she might have been adopted by her father who is known as David Joseph shulman.  He was born in England in 1883. His parents are Russian Jews who immergrated from Germany in 1880's  and moved to england .when David Joseph shulman was 8 year's old he moved to Scotland with his family.  Where he lived until he married his wife Annie O'Brien in 1908. The problem I have is a few things.  I was told my gran eveline  might have been adopted by David Joseph shulman and his wife .and moved back to England. 
My gran eveline  married my grandad Alfred evan Jones 1933 he was 19 and she was 24. And 1937  they became parents to my mum . Here is where I'm confused. Because I've been told so many things by others   Ut from what I have been told by the registra office in Manchester seems to be correct. But I've been told it's not correct by others .
On my mum's birth certificate where it says name surname and maiden surname of mother.  It says  eveline Jones formally hill.  So the registra office  said it's either  her maiden name  or her previous marriage name .when I said my gran eveline  wasn't married before she married my grandad  from what I was told . They said it could be her maiden name .I said  her maiden name is known as Schulman. And apparently she was adopted .by David Joseph shulman .
They said it is possible  Hill is her birth name. But wasn't logged in those days .
But when I mentioned  it all to others  I was told it's not correct.  But what I don't understand is  why would my gran eveline  put eveline Jones formally hill if it wasn't her birth name . Maybe she knew who her parents was.

So what I was wondering  if anyone can please help me. It's  driving me daft . In my mind I have a good idea that either  it was a married name before she married my grandad. Or it has to be her birth name her mum's  maiden name. Who ever she was as no one knows who her mum is .
If anyone can help me with this ?  I really would appreciate it honestly 

Thank you again for your time and help .



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Re: Need help please
« Reply #1 on: 10:00:00, 18/08/18 »
Sorry you are having no luck Dorothy, I know how frustrating it is to draw a blank.
I went as far as putting my E Mail on a book of condolence,in USA ,hoping for contact,but no joy. Some help on here don't post very often,Good Luck.
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