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Re: Who Should Replace Mourinho?
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FFP is a corrupt cartel designed to cement the traditional elite into a comfort zone where their dominance of the game can never be challenged. Let us not forget that the chief proponent was the shyster and convicted crook Michelle Platini, which tells us much of what we need to know. It destroys dreams, hopes and aspirations by putting a glass ceiling on any club that isn't super-rich. Ultimately, of course, it is inevitable that it will destroy football itself for this very reason. By then, of course, the money men at Barca, Bayern, Real and all the rest will have made a fast buck and moved on to sit at home counting their gold ingots, not giving a rats about the welfare of the sport.

It is hugely to City's credit that the owners found a way around this loathsome scheme before the drawbridge went up. It is, in my opinion, unlikely that UEFA will take any serious action against either City or PSG, because they know full well that both of these clubs will use EU competition laws to mount a legal challenge that will almost certainly be successful. The authorities have too much to lose to risk the outcome in a court of law. Sadly for the Milans and Liverpools of this world their plotting has failed. They will simply have to work harder on the field of play as they struggle to keep up.
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