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Cheetham Collegiate (Collegiateboy)
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I saw your post from a few yrs ago, I went to Cheetham collegiate too, there were two Miss Whites as I remember and a Miss/Mrs Taylor . Don't remember many from there, a girl called Meena and another girl called Yvonne, I remember it closed as the Eleven plus came round and I moved to St Chads. I seem to remember the uniform was black and gold. I remember going to see the Wizard of Oz at a picture house but not which one and the big white one on a corner to see Dr Who with William Hartnell, I think that was the ABC but not sure. I lived on Maud Street and remember the front room sweet shop but thought it was a man in there lol Izzy's wool shop on Elizabeth Street and the park. The end house on our street the front room was a chicken shop, used to have chickens hanging in the window which they slaughtered in the back yard, gross lol been trying to find images but don't recognise any of it, left when I was 12 so it's a long time ago!


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Re: Cheetham Collegiate (Collegiateboy)
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The two Mrs Whites were at school  when I was there.  I used walk every day from Morton Ave & along Herbert St and the alleys between Bignor & Brideoak Sts to get to the school. There was only about 20 students. Some students  I remember were Frank, Leslie, Evans, Finlayson and Vicki. The teachers were very good and never hit or yelled at anyone, in contrast to what I heard about the nuns at St Chads, and at Catholic schools I later went to. It had a happy atmosphere and I enjoyed going there.  We used to go one of girls houses’ nearby and watch 4 Feather Falls on TV


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Re: Cheetham Collegiate (Collegiateboy)
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I was at Collegiate for two years 1945 to 1947. I think there were only two classes in the school

I can remember one Mrs White, a rather stout good natured woman, who took the younger pupils and was very well liked.
Mr Clegg, who taught the older children, was a rather more traditional school master.

I can't remember any other names, but that's par for the course these days!