Author Topic: Basque Boy in Cheetham  (Read 226 times)


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Basque Boy in Cheetham
« on: 16:29:27, 06/10/18 »
Hi everyone,
Congratulations for the,s amazing...

My father, Angel Laria, was a child from Spain, refugee from the Basque Country. Those people arrived England for the Spanish Civil War. He was living in Cheetham Hill since 1937 from 1950.
 He was living with Morris Klein & family. Morris had a tailor shop...
Ive try to get information about this family and that shop
Grettings from Spain
Thanks, and have a good day!!!!!


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Re: Basque Boy in Cheetham
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Welcome Laria,

So pleased you are enjoying the forum and I'm sure people will be on soon to answer you post.

 :) O0
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