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International Breaks
« on: 21:33:00, 17/11/18 »
For crying out loud, can't we just get on with the season instead of stooping every five minutes for another round of mind-numbingly boring international friendlies? And I don't care how they try to dress up this so-called Nations League, they're just glorified friendlies by a different name.

When I was a kid England and the rest used to play on Wednesday nights and the League programme on the weekends around those fixtures went ahead as normal. What on Earth is wrong with a system like that? And starting next season, of course, they'll be inserting yet another break for the Premier League every January (and what's the betting that FIFA or UEFA will start up another Mickey Mouse tournament in January before very long?)

It drives me mad, it really does.



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Re: International Breaks
« Reply #1 on: 23:08:44, 17/11/18 »
They should be saving their energy for the more important matches
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