Author Topic: NHS - Winter Pressures, is the North West ready?  (Read 195 times)


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Last winter the NHS came under more pressure than ever before, with then Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt admitting it was "probably the worst ever".

And there is no sign that demand is going down. Urgent and emergency services are as busy as ever, mainly due to the growing and complex needs of our ageing population.

On Tuesday, Dame Donna Kinnair, of the Royal College of Nursing, said hospitals were facing a shortage of both beds and staff - with images of "patients waiting on trolleys in corridors" becoming all too common.

The NHS in England responded by saying it was committed to improving waiting times.

The government has brought forward 145m of funding for hospitals in England to upgrade emergency departments and wards.

Here in the North West, a huge amount of work has been done to try to improve "patient flow" through our hospitals.
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