Author Topic: MI5 'too slow' over Manchester Arena bomber  (Read 235 times)


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MI5 'too slow' over Manchester Arena bomber
« on: 13:41:09, 22/11/18 »

MI5 admits for the first time that it made a mistake in failing to track the 2017 Manchester bomber, MPs have said.

A report by the Intelligence and Security Committee said MI5 recognised it had moved "too slowly" to establish how dangerous Salman Abedi, 22, was.

The security service had cause to monitor Abedi's return to the UK from Libya days before the attack in which 22 people died, the report said.

Martin Hibbert, injured in the blast, said the truth was now coming out.

In wide-ranging criticisms, the committee said the government had also failed to fully learn lessons from attacks dating back 13 years.

Abedi is believed to have been taught bomb-making while in Libya, before returning to Manchester in May last year to construct his device.

He walked into the foyer of Manchester Arena, where thousands had been watching US singer Ariana Grande perform, and blew himself up.

A previous report into the attack revealed that MI5 had planned to review the risks posed by Abedi - but the meeting was not scheduled to take place before the attack occurred.
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In its findings, the ISC said there had been "no follow-up action" after Abedi visited a jailed terrorist organiser from Manchester.

Furthermore, MI5 could have put a plan in place to monitor Abedi's movements, which would have revealed his return to the UK from Libya, days before he struck.

"MI5 have since admitted that given the information they had on Abedi, they should have done so," said the committee.

"Abedi had been flagged for review but MI5's systems moved too slowly."

The committee said one failing it had identified was so sensitive, it could not be shared publicly.

But it added: "What we can say is that there were a number of a failings in the handling of Salman Abedi's case.

"While it is impossible to say whether these would have prevented the devastating attack on 22 May, we have concluded that as a result of the failings, potential opportunities to prevent it were missed."

Mr Hibbert, who was left paralysed by the explosion, welcomed the report's release. His daughter was also wounded as they left the arena when the bomb went off.

"It doesn't make things any easier but it means at last there is some compassion being shown and some accountability in terms of people saying 'We didn't do our job'.

"It's a start. It's just sad that it's taken 18 months," he said.
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Re: MI5 'too slow' over Manchester Arena bomber
« Reply #1 on: 15:40:55, 22/11/18 »
Next thing , lessons have been learned , he should have never been in this country in the first place

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Re: MI5 'too slow' over Manchester Arena bomber
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Ah! but if he wasn't allowed in the country, we'd miss out on all that "enrichment" wouldn't we?


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Re: MI5 'too slow' over Manchester Arena bomber
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It was also said that the buying of some substances to make bombs has belatedly been updated. Two bombs [unrelated?] have been found in a house during renovation. IRA ??..
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