Author Topic: CHRISTMAS 2018  (Read 4141 times)


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Merry Christmas to everybody on this excellent forum! And thank you, Celeste, for making it possible. ;)

Thanks Steve, and for your entertaining input 8)

I must say that our Admin started this forum and thanks are due mainly to him.
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I might have asked this question before but wasn’t there a roller skating rink opposite the bus depot but set back was it called blonde hall ?

I seem to recall there was a roller skating rink there, but I thought it was inside an old cinema that was situated on Cheetham Hill rd. next to the junction of Queens rd., I think the building burned down.
  I only went on Barneys a couple of times as I lived further up Cheetham hill toward the village but lots of kids from Chads lived around there and played there a lot.


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The roller skating rink on cheatham  hill  rd was  opposite the  bus  depot. I use to go on my scooter and roller skate to "sugar sugar".would be great it I could go back there tomorrow, especially  on my scooter.