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Help /advice.
« on: 01:30:30, 07/12/18 »
Hi everyone.
I'm in need of some help or advice.
I don't know if anyone can help with this. But I thought there is no harm in asking.

A few weeks ago I applied for my grandads army record's. I sent a email to the army record's department in Scotland about the form I had to fill in. Because I was confused on which parts  even though  I  read it over afew times. 

I also received a email from the army record's department in Scotland. Saying that they have a A.E Jones dob 27/9/14.  On there file's . But cant be 100 % sure  if it is my until grandfather until they call up the file's.

Apparently  I'm classed as the living next of kin because he's my grandad .
I have sent 2 emails  to them asking about my grandads army record's. Just to see when I will recieve them .and explained about our post man usually  post's  letters in the wrong doors..

I haven't had any replys back from them.

So I thought I'd ask if anyone can help me on this? 

Because  it is a lot of money for me especially when it was my birthday money.
I don't mind spending  money on something I want.  I only hope  that the one they have on file is my grandad.
If it isn't  I have lost my money.  Even though they said they wouldn't except any payments until they have the correct one .
 Which is confusing  because on the form  it says if unsuccessful there don't refund money.

Please can anyone help me with this? 

Thank you again for your time and help



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Re: Help /advice.
« Reply #1 on: 09:00:33, 07/12/18 »
Hello Dorothy :)

If anyone can help Dorothy please reply O0
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Re: Help /advice.
« Reply #2 on: 11:15:14, 07/12/18 »
Hello  celeste. O0

Thank you . I hope  I can get some help.
It's been bothering me about my grandads army record's .

Only because  it's a lot of money for me especially when it was my birthday money. And I might not get them.

I think I  will because of the email I received. Telling me that they can confirm that they have a .A.E Jones dob.27/9/1914 on there file's.

It's just the waiting for them.

Thank you again for your message 😊


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Re: Help /advice.
« Reply #3 on: 12:29:40, 07/12/18 »
Many years ago I applied to the ministry of defence for one of my grandads war record , first I had to get my mother to give her permission as next of kin she had to dig out her birth certificate and send them to the mod we then got a letter back saying they would conduct a search for his records but a lot of war records were damaged in a air raid in World War Two made worse by water damage ,but we would still have to pay the fee even though we had no guarantee of them being intact , which unfortunately they wasnít , fast forward twenty years and I decided to look for my other grandfathers war records , this time I contacted the nearest Mormon church ( a lot keep all sorts of records) and was directed to their records section there they ordered the records on microfilm and within two weeks I was viewing my grandads war records for a small fee , my grandads surname starts with s so I had to look through all the s but it didnít take that long . So I would give the Mormon church family history centre a ring or email, good luck Dorothy