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Hi Jill,
Thanks' for getting back to me. I am so pleased that you also enjoyed your stay at Styal.
I certainly did especially being picked for kitchen monitor. Spooning out the Syrup and boiled eggs.
There are a few that like to discredit Styal. That is a shame as although a little on the strict side which of course you had to be with so few staff on duty compared to how many children per dormitory.
I an sure with time and its exact location some people get confused with The Bollin School which I know was a terrible place to be especially if you were a boy being made to fight and other worse things. I found this out through looking through the Manchester Education Archives on special schools.
That was the reason for its closure and our nurses and teachers now passed away are branded with the same iron but cannot talk up for themselves.  So you are in Ashton! I sometimes visit with my son when home from university to  watch Manchester City Ply. You never forget your team or your roots. Do you recall Nurse Lyons ? She was a Matron in Peter Pan but over the whole school. If you have an email address I can send you many photo's of the school and the staff and children. Just let me know.
Well must go. Happy memories for most, always felt really hurt for those whose parents never visited. Mine came every week and a few would walk round with us and share my sweets. This didn't anger me but made me feel happy for them. Poor lads. I knew a few girls their but only of my age group. I am now now 66 and a half! Where has time gone? Glad that you are happy and busy. Cannot say the same for myself but that's life. Take Care Bye Jill Barry
P.S. Although we enjoyed it, some kids don't know how lucky they were just to be able to go to normal schools and home to play after school.

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Jill kupczak

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Hi Barry not polish but husband of polish decent.was at styal in 1965 in snow white house. Just seeing if this gets to u xp


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What a lovely thread,pity not more posters.
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