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Good morning everyone.

1st I would like to apologise if i'm putting this post on the wrong part of the group.
2nd  I would like to ask if there is anyone who can point me in the wright direction for a link as I have tried manchester local collection. There are so many places I don't know where to start.

What I'm trying to find is a area and houses where my great gran lived  and also where my gran lived before she was married.  I understand there might not be any numbers on doors. How ever I was kindly sent a photo of an area where my gran lived.  On the photo  it has 2 numbers on the front of the buildings. One was 171 upperbrook street cholton on Medlock Manchester and number 98.
The address I'm looking for is 192 upper brook Street cholton on Medlock Manchester. That is where my gran lived before she married my grandad.

The next one I'm looking for is 59.Rusholme road cholton on Medlock Manchester.
That is where my great gran lived before and after she had my grandad. 
Apparently she moved to sale in wythenshawe  some years later after my grandparents got married. I'm not sure what year.

If there's anything anyone can help me with I really would appreciate it .I just keep going round in circles.

Thank all for your time and help.