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My great grans family
« on: 21:09:08, 17/03/19 »
Hello everyone.
I'm not sure if I have already asked this before. If so I do really apologise.

I am trying to find out about my great gran Frances Jones family.  I know some of them but I'm really stuck on afew other members. 

I'm trying to find  all the relatives  for my great grans parents  especially her mother's parents and her father's parents.
I'm looking for Ellen Tomlinson  that's her birth name.  She married  William jones /william Hopwood Jones.
I'm not sure what year she was born.  Ellen  had 2 children I think  one of each.  My great gran Frances Jones and George Jones.

I don't know when Ellen Tomlinson married William Jones. I don't know when she was born or who her parents are.

If there's anything anyone can help me with I really would appreciate it .as I'm trying to fill in  a few blanks.

If I have already asked this before I do apologise .it's just that I can't remember what I have asked.

Thank you all again for your time and help

Your's sincerely



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