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I have been building my family tree for about 25 years and always had problems finding my Grandmother's family due to her and her Brother having been put in an orphanage when she was 9 months old. They were born in Boston, Mass. and due to things which I don't really want to go into here, they were brought to the UK to live with their Father's Lapidus family in 1894.  They ended up in an orphanage as I said, but I've been trying very hard to find Lapidus family, not for any other reason other than for the tree. 

My Grandmother's Lapidus family lived in Manchester and owned a Matzo factory and today I found that they also owned chip shops and restaurants. I have no idea where in Manchester these were but I wondered if there are members of the Lapidus family who owned those businesses on this Forum.

I would love to hear more about the family and their businesses as we know next to nothing about my Grandmother's family.

I am hoping so much that there are members of the family on here. As I said, all I want to know is family history for the tree and not after anything more. I know sometimes people can get worried when people are trying to find members of their family who they don't know. 

I did a DNA test on Ancestry. com and it came up with a massive amount of Lapidus people from all over the world but it's hard to see how we are related.