Author Topic: Year of the political minnows in Manchester?  (Read 256 times)


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Year of the political minnows in Manchester?
« on: 15:36:27, 15/04/19 »

This could be the year that smaller parties really make an impact in Greater Manchester, with Bolton being the place to watch.

The new Farnworth and Kearsley First party really shook up politics in the town in 2018, taking three seats from the ruling Labour group and now, another new party is hoping for similar success.

Horwich and Blackrod First is standing candidates on a similar hyperlocal platform.

Labour is already under pressure, having lost its majority earlier this year after a member quit the party.

It is still clinging to power with the support of some independent councillors, but further losses would mean deals have to be done and smaller parties may suddenly discover they have a much louder voice in Bolton.

Further gains?

Trafford was the scene of the story of the night in 2018 as the Conservatives lost control of their only local authority in Greater Manchester.

It has since been run as a minority Labour council and the party needs only a couple of gains to take overall control.

The Conservatives will be hoping to reverse their decline.
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Re: Year of the political minnows in Manchester?
« Reply #1 on: 16:48:54, 15/04/19 »
The main political parties will always find a way to stifle the progress of smaller or fledgling parties, the system is geared to keep them at the top of the tree.