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What pay can MEPs expect?
« on: 08:48:33, 30/04/19 »

With the Brexit deadline extended until 31 October 2019, it is likely that the UK will have to participate in European parliamentary elections at the end of May.

If this happens, the UK will be returning 73 Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) to Brussels and Strasbourg.

They will officially take up their seats on 2 July - at which point they will start receiving their salary and various benefits.

The successful candidates may need to give up their current jobs in order to fulfil their role as an MEP, so how much can they expect to earn, given they may serve only a few months?

How much will they earn?

Since 2009, all MEPs - regardless of which country they represent - receive the same income. It's set at 38.5% of the basic salary of a judge at the European Court of Justice.

Unlike UK MPs, MEPs do not receive any extra salary for chairing committees or taking up other special roles.

MEPs currently earn 8,757.70 (7,599.14) a month, but it's reduced to 6,824.85 (5,919.37) after EU tax and insurance contributions.

UK MEPs also pay national insurance contributions, and the difference between EU and national tax, to HMRC. This ensures MEPs pay the same level of income tax and national insurance as people employed in the UK.

Final take-home pay is also affected by exchange rates. So, depending on the strength of the pound, salaries can vary from month to month.

As salaries are paid monthly, MEPs will not receive any pay in November should the UK leave the EU on 31 October.
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Re: What pay can MEPs expect?
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Wil they get redundancy pay IF we leave?.
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