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Far-right extremist threat
« on: 08:54:58, 07/05/19 »

A former right-wing extremist has warned racist groups are becoming more violent and pose a "dangerous threat" to the UK.

The man, from near Manchester and who asked to be identified only as John, told the BBC he expected "the far-right will do an attack".

He had since been steered away from violence by the Government's Prevent anti-terrorism programme, he said.

Police said the "threat from right-wing terrorism remains relatively small".

John, who is 19, said he became involved in right-wing extremism four years ago, a time when he was worried about his lack of job prospects.

"They're saying 'Oh, well, if we ever get in power we'll kick everyone out and what we'll do is give all the jobs to the working class British people'.

"They kind of see that as a solution to their problems," he said.
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Re: Far-right extremist threat
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It’s the Brussels broadcasting community, I can’t really believe anything they say now , I just occasionally watch RT news or Al jazeera.

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Re: Far-right extremist threat
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Maybe it would be good if the BBC were to do a programme dedicated to things like the European Spring movement that is active inside the EU member states, this shower of leftards have a whole bag of goodies for the people of Europe which include widening of migration routes and a schmörgasbord  of nutty Green policies, Kalergi in full effect, or closer to home, the 48 Islamic madrasas across Britain that are teaching future Imams intolerance and misogyny, how are they supposed to fit into Western society? If it survives that is.
. I don't believe the British people are extremists, but the more I hear of the Nazis under the bed schtick, the more I think it's  being used to vilify people that support the Brexit vote and scare people back to the centre like good little plebs, and in so doing revert to the status quo, let's not fall for it, we deserve a Government that will stand up to bully boys like Drunker, Tusk, Micron and Merkel.
 But as regards the original post, 'John from near Manchester?' What a great piece of journalism, not 🤣 I wonder when Mohammed from near anywhere will pop up and warn us of an Islamic terror attack or even tip off the fuzz about one of the many grooming gangs operating across Britain. 🤔
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