Author Topic: Manchester considers tougher regulation of flat-share websites  (Read 169 times)


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Apartment-sharing websites such as Airbnb and could face tougher regulation in Manchester over concerns about "party flats".

Some city centre residents have become increasingly frustrated with short-term tenants blighting their neighbourhoods with noise and anti-social behaviour.

Manchester City Council is investigating whether more powers are needed to regulate the websites.

An Airbnb spokesman said action is taken against any reported issues.

Residents of Manchester's Northern Quarter, a popular destination for stag and hen parties, are among those who have complained.

Conor Riches told BBC Radio Manchester their lives were being "made a misery".

He said: "Should a four-year-old child ever see a grown man throwing up on a carpet, asleep in the corridor, passed out at ten in the morning? It's unacceptable."
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