Author Topic: cruelty to animals.  (Read 307 times)


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cruelty to animals.
« on: 18:47:31, 20/08/19 »
Sharron a double amputee dog is going to run a marathon the people who are responsible for this sadistic spectacle should be ashamed of themselves.and prosecuted for cruelty.To cope with modern life a dog as to be fully functional. That is obvious to any rational person.
Dog numbers have to be controlled.Hundreds of dogs are euthanized daily,out of necessity it isnt cruelty.But to kill healthy dogs and to go to extreme lengths to keep very sick dogs alive is highly questionable behavior,and should be everybodies concern.
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Re: cruelty to animals.
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We do it with humans all the time. Antibiotics and other life saving treatments are routinely dished out to people who are very elderly, suffer with multiple health problems, are  stricken by severe dementia, and who enjoy no quality of life whatsoever. But how do we find an alternative course? As medical science advances, how do we find a way to use its blessings more humanely? And who can we trust to make these decisions?
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