Author Topic: understanding litter problem in salford and manchester for campaign  (Read 230 times)

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A bit of background, I'm a student in the final year of studying abroad in Manchester UK design and advertising, and Ive picked a brief that involves creating initiatives or campaigns to promote awareness to littering

I want to know from a common citizens point of view as the goal here isn't to convince the already habitual litterers , but educate the future generations and or younger people, what they think about litter in Manchester and thoughts about decreasing its frequency [size=78%]. so here a few questions and feel free to elaborate or rephrase it however you want [/size]

in your daily life when you come across it is it a minor inconvenience or do you think this leads up to a bigger problems?

if you have kids how do you educate them to not litter ?

why do you think this littering problem exists?

would a litter free or decreased litter improve your city experience ?

and if you throw away rubbish why do you do it?

what do you think the urgency of such a problem as litter in the city to be solved?

What's stopping you from you and others doing this on your own and if you are doing your part what do you think is preventing you from doing more  ?

Would very much appreciate your thoughts on this