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« on: 04:57:50, 16/12/19 »
Hello everyone.
I'm in need of your help again.  I'm trying to find out about a place
I was in when I was around 7 years old or 8 years old.
For some reason I was in this place on Wales.
I really don't know  very much about it.  I have a small memory of what
The staff looked like.
At the time of me being in this place. I was living in Cardiff street
In harperhey. I was born 1957. So I could have been in Conwy 1964.

During my stay. I had developed mumps.  It was Easter. I remember
That because. I was given my basket that my Easter egg was in.
My great gran Frances eaither brought it for me or my mum or dad.
But wasn't allowed to visit me.

I wasn't there very long because of school.
I remember a train station. Because my dad came to pick me up. Hello
Had my brother with him. It might be possible my brother was with me.
I don't remember.

My mum said the place I was in wasn't far from Conwy castle.
From what I can understand or make out.
I could have been in a converlesnt home for children.
What i don't know is why I was sent there or sent me.

What i do remember is sitting on my bed looking out of the window
Waiting for my mum and dad or eaither. The what I think
Might have been a nurse. Brought my basket and explained that
They shared my Easter egg to the other children. Because I had mumps.

I also remember standing outside. Looking up and saw
This balloon looks like a air balloon.

Anyway if there's anything anyone can help me with.
I really would appreciate it.

Thank you for your help and time


I noticed someone mentioned Conwy on here.

Thank you again for your help



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Re: Conwy
« Reply #3 on: 15:21:34, 16/12/19 »
I was at Conway a couple of times,for convalescence.there were huts,for sleeping  that adjusted to the wind direction.
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Re: Conwy
« Reply #4 on: 00:07:41, 01/01/20 »
Hi Dorothyl,
I was going to reply to another post that I saw regarding your family information that you were seeking when I saw this post of yours too.
I believe I know your half sibling side of your family.
Regarding this place in Conwy , it is Dr Garrett's convalescent home in Conwy.
Manchester hospitals used to refer poorly children there , and I believe that other members of your half family also to have spent time there.

If I'm on the right tracks, the name George should mean something to you?!
Beat wishes


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Re: Conwy
« Reply #5 on: 08:40:28, 22/04/20 »
I'm replying to a reply to a post I did some time ago.

I have a brother called George. But he's not my half brother.  I don't remember him being in Conway.  My eldest brother was for a few days.
I say eldest brother.  He is even though he's 2 years younger than me. We was living in Harpurhey at the time. I think I was around 7. He would have been 5 year's old.

If there's anything anyone can help me with on this I'd really appreciate it.

Thank you again


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Re: Conwy
« Reply #6 on: 08:15:20, 01/05/20 »
Can anyone offer her more information?
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