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Message from TfGM
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On Monday thousands of people across Greater Manchester will be returning to work as many businesses, shops and services reopen. It might be the first time in a while you have had to travel any distance and itís important that you feel confident and safe when you do.
To make sure you can protect yourself and others around you, we want to give you the information and options you need to make smart travel choices - so our transport network is as safe as possible for those who people who rely on it.
In line with Government advice, our ask is that people continue to stay at home as much as possible and avoid public transport - unless itís absolutely necessary - and to cycle, walk or drive outside peak hours if possible. That way we can make sure the limited capacity we have across the bus, tram and train networks are preserved for people who donít have another option.
If you do have to travel by public transport, you must wear a face covering. It will be your responsibility to provide this.
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