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Hannah Street Collyhurst
« on: 10:56:36, 12/07/20 »
Hello my fellow Mancunians

I am looking for any information on Hannah Street, in Collyhurst, my Aunt is now 85 and can tell me every surname on the street in and around the 1940's - 50's. She lived opposite a Pub which had three names, locally it was known as Barnesy's, over the door the landlords name was displayed as  and etched in the windows was the name The Queens Arms.  I would love to be able to get hold of a photograph of this Pub to show her.
She also remembers the corner shop being owned and ran by Pat Dunhoo which was short for Pat O'Donohue, he and his wife Dolly had a late licence so it was open until 10pm, Pat & Dolly was essential to the community as he dispensed all the rationed food.
If you have any links to Collyhurst in that time please drop me a line to share your memories.

David d Gribben

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Re: Hannah Street Collyhurst
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I remember the Queens Pub and Pats shop it was one of the shops that I used when doing the works lunch run, I worked on the other side of Rochdale Rd for Baxendale Glass in Zinc St this was in 1957 when I was 15.

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Re: Hannah Street Collyhurst
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This is an old posting off a thread on this forum, Hannah St. is mentioned and some names from the area:

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    on: 07:59:07, 29/04/10

    Hello.. My name is Vincent Stevenson, I am looking for a class photo of St Malachy's Primary school, Collyhurst, 1951, 1952, I was 5, 6 yrs old. And also, would anybody who lived in Elizabeth Anne St, just oppisite St James Church from 1950 to 1953 have any photos of the street party for the queens coronation and possibly of St James Church. Now some names do come to mind and they are as follows: Tina Collins, Carmel Flannigan, Brenda Jones, Harold Kirk, Collotte Dodd. I remember a Sylvia Davidson and a Mary Rafferty of Hannah St , Collyhurst. We used to play together quite a lot, especially rollerskating down Rochdale Rd, At that time I lived with the Atkinsons in Arnold St just oppisite Hannah St. Wonderful days Sylvia when we were just 7 and 8 yrs of age. If you happen to read this message or anyone that knows her and has some old photos of the streets, could you please post them or send them to me via my e-mail.
    I also lived with the Coopers in Richardson St, directly opposite St James Church and Sissy's Shop. And I remember a Norma Ashworth of Teignmouth St and a Brenda Louise in Richardson St. Fond memories of swinging on the gas lamp post and the fish n' chips. If any of the people mentioned read this message or know of any of them.. I am desperately seeking old photos of these streets, Now long gone. I would greatly appreciate it.. Thank you very much. Regards: Vincent.