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Cabin Club
« on: 20:48:40, 31/07/20 »
I am researching my family history. A deceased cousin had links to something called "The Cabin Club" (not its with its namesake in Liverpool - def Manchester)
As far as I can gather from stories he told The Cabin Club was a Jazz/Blues club, must have been running in the 1940s as it was apparently popular with US Servicemen....but was also still around in the 1960s I think.

I cant find any record of it on the internet.
I am wondering if anyone knows anything about it, where it was, when it ceased to be. Anything really.


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Re: Cabin Club
« Reply #1 on: 07:14:43, 01/08/20 »
I will be seeing a friend of mine on Thursday he was a prolific club goer many years ago I will ask him ,


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Re: Cabin Club
« Reply #2 on: 08:17:55, 01/08/20 »
The club comes up with google "search"a couple of 10 yr old posts. no pics.
Imay have been in the place,an after hours haunt,sadly 75 yrs on don't know where it was.  Not suprising,when you are looking for a place in the middle of the night.
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