Author Topic: Lifting lockdown 'illogical' says Mayor  (Read 304 times)


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Lifting lockdown 'illogical' says Mayor
« on: 09:45:35, 02/09/20 »

Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham has blasted the easing of coronavirus restrictions in parts of northern England as "completely illogical".

Measures were lifted overnight in Bolton, Stockport and Trafford despite concerns from some local councils.
Mr Burnham said it meant boroughs with rising cases were restriction-free but boroughs with lower numbers were not.

He urged people in Bolton and Trafford to ignore the change and not hold social gatherings in their home.
"We find ourselves in a completely unsustainable position", he said.
Mr Burnham said the restrictions were "always hard to explain to the public but they're completely illogical now".
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Re: Lifting lockdown 'illogical' says Mayor
« Reply #1 on: 16:23:56, 03/09/20 »
And here we go, on and on and on, as the Imaginary Hobgoblin continues to jump up and down for as long as it takes for the public to wake up. An autumn and winter of utter mayhem and total chaos has been planned for us all, in a determined effort to destroy whatever remains of our democratic societies and the economies that support them. A new and dark age of tyranny awaits, unless we actively resist. This "new normal" is just the very top of an absolutely gigantic iceberg......

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Re: Lifting lockdown 'illogical' says Mayor
« Reply #2 on: 14:49:33, 04/09/20 »
Burnham's a Pillock, I'll never tire of saying it, he's doing to Manchester what Sad-dick has done to Londonistan.