Author Topic: Mayor - 'two-thirds of workers' wages insufficient'  (Read 152 times)


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People will not be surrendered to hardship, Greater Manchester mayor Andy Burnham has said, as the government prepares to bring in new restrictions in England to slow the spread of Covid.

Labour mayor Mr Burnham said the chancellor's pledge to pay two-thirds of workers' wages if restrictions force UK firms to close was "insufficient".
The government is planning to bring in a three-tier local lockdown system.
It could mean tougher rules in parts of northern England and the Midlands.
Liverpool, where there are currently 600 cases per 100,000 people, is expected to be placed under the most severe set of restrictions, with all the city's pubs forced to close.

In a joint press conference with other mayors from northern England, Mr Burnham said negotiations about the lockdown in the North of England were ongoing but he was told by a "senior figure in Number 10" that the proposed financial help was "non-negotiable".
"I'm angry actually about being told the effect on people's lives is non-negotiable," he said.
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