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« on: 16:48:19, 14/12/20 »
Were all in it together! Are we realy?Our failure to involve "public libraries" to their maximum effect is responsible for alot of Covid Deaths .It absolutely disgusts me to see
the mas closing of public libraries.At the time they are most needed.My time is running out.
librarians in these critical times  develop medical importants.They have the skills this pandemic is desperate for.thay are as important as hospitals.No more library closures.
use all available library space by sectioningOOt
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Re: libraries
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Yet swimming pools are open , doesn’t make sense does it ?


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Re: libraries
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When this is over I'll have to make a trip to council office to try get entrance code.
A royal pain in the butt.  Can't fathom why they are locked any way.
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