Author Topic: Was there a Christmas Coronavirus spike?  (Read 141 times)


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Was there a Christmas Coronavirus spike?
« on: 11:00:10, 16/01/21 »

Firstly, a quick reminder of the rules.
Initially, the plans for the UK would have allowed up to three households to mix indoors between 23 December and 27 December.
But on 19 December, Prime Minister Boris Johnson scaled back these Christmas bubbles because infections were beginning to rise sharply, driven in part by a new variant of Covid-19, across south-east England.

Across the UK, cases continued to rise over and after the Christmas period.
However, whether this was influenced at all by the Christmas bubbles is very difficult to say.
Looking at the data, we might expect to start seeing the impact of a Christmas spike in the first week of the New Year. This is because the typical incubation period - the time for symptoms of the virus to appear - is, on average, about five days.

UK coronavirus cases up by 47,525 on Wednesday
UK coronavirus infections may be 'stabilising'
That means the sharp increases seen between the 20 and 30 December cannot be attributed to the holiday.
In the first few days of 2021, cases continued to rise at the same pace as before Christmas and, in early January, appear to have peaked, although it is too early to tell if the decrease will be sustained.
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Re: Was there a Christmas Coronavirus spike?
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I suspect Xmas shopping and people meeting up was the start of the rise of infections.
4 of our clan in Cornwall [was'nt that tier2] have had it in the last 3 weeks.
just a heavy cold/chest infections lingering on,good job they are young.
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