Author Topic: Shipping costs too high for some businesses  (Read 74 times)


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Shipping costs too high for some businesses
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"We were paying 1,600 per container in November, this month we've been quoted over 10,000," says Helen White.
The founder of start-up, which imports lighting from China, says the rise in shipping costs means she's making a loss on what she sells.
She's one of many UK importers facing soaring freight costs amid a global shipping crisis that may last months.
A shortage of empty shipping containers in Asia and bottlenecks at the UK's deep sea ports are behind the problems.
It was hoped the backlogs could be cleared during the Chinese New Year holiday in February, but instead a coronavirus outbreak in China is adding to the uncertainty facing firms.

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In the UK the difficulties in international shipping have coincided with problems faced by businesses trading with the EU after Brexit.
One Manchester-based freight forwarder said the logistics industry is facing the most challenging conditions he's seen in the 17 years he's been in the business.
Craig Poole from Cardinal Maritime said during lockdowns, people have been turning to online shopping, and that's causing a surge in demand for goods from China.
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